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Flowers by Dallas

2008-09-09 12:33:44

We really liked working with Dallas. Only problem was trying to get across what I wanted via email. Being in Dallas and wedding in Napa, make it difficult to meet with vendors so you have to trust that they understand what you are wanting. The flowers at our rehersal dinner were exactly what I wanted. Red roses with coffee beans filled in the vases. Our flowers for the reception were perfect. Lots of ivory and greens -using hydrangea (my favorite). Perfect. The flowers for the water fountain and ceremony were not what I expected. Did not want to use orange flowers or daisy and both were used. I'm guessing it was a misunderstanding between my explanations and expectations. My bridesmaids bouquets were AWESOME!!!

He also put those orange and red flowers on my cake... hated that. Wished I'd seen it before I went in, would have taken them off.

Sweetie Pies

2008-09-09 12:33:44

Cake was great. Not a huge wedding cake fan but really liked mine. Wanted simple yet pretty and they made it just right.

Rev. Charles Grande

2008-09-09 12:33:44

LOVED him. We met with over the phone since it was a destination wedding. During our ceremony, it was like he'd known us forever. Everyone really enjoyed our service. My husband being Catholic and me Episcopalian, he made my family feel comfortable during the ceromony and had enought Catholic touches to make my husbands family happy. Rev Charles Grande is an American Catholic priest so it was more laid back than a normal Catholic ceromony

Wine Valley Catering

2008-09-09 12:33:44

Food was 5 Star! Experience with the staff was not. They customer service was not what we expected (especially compaired to the rest of our vendors) but the food made up for it. The filets were cooked perfectly, chicken was wonderful and presentation was beautiful.

Celeste Photo Art

2008-09-09 12:33:44

Celeste is great to work with. She really listens to what you are looking for. The only complaint was that they did not stay until the end. They work for a certain amount of hours then they are gone. Everything else... was great

Keith Johnson All Stars

2008-09-09 11:52:25

Keith Johnson and the All Stars were AWESOME!! We did a 9 piece band. I would recommend them to anyone. They got our guest on the dance floor and really made a great party out of our reception. They even let me get on stage! LOVE THEM!!!