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Apogee Video Productions

2011-05-31 10:52:25

Apogee was just excellent for our ceremony! We only hired them for the ceremony since we were on a budget, and Matt and his team were just so great... and I totally forgot they were there! They navigated respectfully and quietly during our long, Catholic ceremony but still got all the shots. I can't say enough great things about Apogee. I knew I didn't have to worry with them, and I was right!

The Pros

2011-05-31 09:57:14

Okay, so if you've been lurking anywhere on major wedding websites you've probably heard some iffy things about The Pros. I can honestly say their videographer was phenomenal at our reception. What happened was we hired an expensive, high-end videographer for our ceremony only (since that is the most important part of the day to us). So in the end, we didn't have anything left in our budget for video beyond the ceremony. A week before our wedding my fiance's father said he wanted to get us video for the reception as a gift. We were so excited! So I contacted The Pros because I figured they would have someone available on short notice. If the videographer was sub-par, it wouldn't really matter for the reception, we figured. Well, he was excellent!!! I barely knew he was there, and he captured everything perfectly! The speeches were captured clearly, and the video is interesting even when it's just people dancing. He captured awesome moments of my crazy, fun friend showing my little cousins how to dance like Michael Jackson. It was so cute and now we have that forever. I was pleasantly surprised by The Pros. They were true professionals and for a great price!

Baiada Photography

2011-05-31 09:36:15

Tony and Sal Baiada... I don't even know how to express how amazing they were. It's quite clear that they feel weddings are a sacred, once-in-a-lifetime event where some of the most precious moments can be captured... or lost forever if you don't have the right photographer! Tony, the owner, is one of the best, if not the best, in the tri-state area. His demeanor is calm and professional, and I felt he was as happy for us on our wedding day as our actual family members! His creative eye for detail captured amazing cadids and beautiful posed photos. I felt like he was our 'coach' for the day... telling us what to do next and calming us with his attitude. Your photos will show the attitude of your photographer, so choose wisely! And that's why we chose Baiada!

Carly Alan Floral Design

2011-05-31 09:26:28

Carl is the Willy Wonka of flowers... magical, amazing, beautiful, awe-inspiring designs! I honestly can say I loved my flowers even more than my dress! Even before I booked Carl, he brought me in and actually MADE all my flowers for me right before my eyes... for FREE. I sent him pictures of what I wanted a week before our appointment and his staff made everything for me in real time. I was able to tweak everything and tell them to change things. At the end of the appointment I was staring at the bouquet and centerpeices of my dreams. I had to have Carl at that point!! So we booked him and he took photos of the arrangements so they would be duplicated on our wedding day. On the actual day the flowers arrived fresh and PERFECT. You cannot put a price on the relief of knowing exactly how your flowers will turn out once your wedding day arrives. Check out my profile for pictures of my dream flowers!! Thank you, Carl! PS- he works within your budget, so all budgets are possible with him!

EBE Events & Entertainment

2011-05-31 09:16:09

Our guests can not stop raving about how fun our reception was!! They said it was the best wedding they've ever been to. Our MC was amazing, energetic, but still very professional for our black-tie setting. The dance floor was jammed packed the entire night and some of our guests said they even forgot to finish their dinners! Our package was a DJ, MC, and drummer, and the drummer added rocket fuel to the music. It was definitely worth the extra $$ to hire the drummer! The perfect mix of modern hits and classic songs were played to keep our guests from 5 years old to 78 out of their seats. I also knew that with our MC I didn't have to worry about any of the scheduling or logistics of the evening. Everything went perfectly.