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2011-03-24 06:34:29

As is typical of couples planning a wedding, when we met with Christina and Aaron of ID BOHEMIA, we were harried, distracted and utterly uninformed about wedding design. At that point we had not given the aesthetics of our wedding very much thought and my wife, Melissa, and I had vague, often competing, visions of what the event should look like. In initial sessions with Christina, she met with us in our home, taking pictures of our paintings, knickknacks and other aspects of our home’s interior and asking perceptive questions in order to carefully chronicle our tastes and preferences. Subsequent meetings found Christina taking us on personalized shopping trips to local design stores, sifting through our often clueless concepts and ideas, suggesting better alternatives and indicating the challenges and costs of particular design choices. On these and many future occasions, both Christina and Aaron exhibited an acute sensitivity to our aesthetic inclinations and seemed to be able to “read between the lines” of our often naïve requests and statements about what we wanted.

ID BOHEMIA arrived two days prior to the wedding, putting in very long hours setting up their vision for our wedding reception. They advised us where to place tables and guests, generated table layouts that included beautiful, Moroccan-inspired lanterns and floral arrangements and painstakingly created stunning wall murals out of individual pieces of coloured paper. The permanent floral arrangements that Christina created for the bridesmaids, Melissa and our families for the ceremony became the focal points of our wedding photos, blending vibrant, explosive colours and shapes with a subtlety and taste that left many guests commenting on their beauty.

We unreservedly recommend ID BOHEMIA for their artful, adroit approach to design, regardless of the event you may be planning.


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I-D BOHEMIA Lifestyle, Events and Interiors

2011-03-24 06:17:45

To say that Christina and Aaron are perfectionists in all they do is an understatement; from concept to creation, every artful detail was attended to with the most meticulous care. We found them to be accessible, unpretentious, and remarkably well-versed in a wide range of design concepts and styles and their personalized care helped to decrease our stress levels about a number of even non-design-related wedding issues. From wedding floral arrangements and table layouts to uniquely inspired design accents and wall treatments, ID BOHEMIA far exceeded our expectations of what we hoped to gain from involving a design company. Their aesthetic vision and insight helped give our wedding a flair that continues to resonate amongst our families and friends.

We unreservedly recommend ID BOHEMIA for their artful, adroit approach to design, regardless of the event you may be planning.