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Juan Pablo Cuadros

2012-01-01 13:11:42

Was expecting much more judging from preview reviews and the videos they showed us. They also took 3 months to deliver a 4-min trailer, I'd recommend bringing someone from Bogota to get a most polished work.


2011-03-06 13:59:52

Elsy Salgado de Figueroa

2011-03-06 13:58:50


2011-03-06 13:58:29

A diamond white silk satin organza flamenco bridal gown

Javier Barrera Producciones

2011-03-06 13:57:55

Just great! 16 musicians, dancers and performers, the very best of Cartagena, had a blast!

Rodolfo Arpía

2011-02-12 09:01:10

The best decision we've made, endless complements to Rodolfo's breathtaking job. Won't hesitate to hire him again for future jobs, check his website, you won't regret it

Silvia "O"

2011-02-12 09:00:35

Classic and elegant, loved Silvia's sense of style. A must have!

Felipe Madarriaga

2011-02-12 08:59:54

Caribe Cordial Weddings

2011-02-12 08:58:50

Stellar service, fresh ideas and good organizational skills. Caribe Cordial is among the top 3 wedding planning companies in Cartagena, highly recommended to anyone interested on having an affordable/trustworthy service.