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Layers Sensational Cakes

2010-09-21 17:05:19

The cake was beautiful, decorated perfectly per our wishes, and all us, and our guests loved and enjoyed the flavors also. The cake was truly the best cake we have had at any other wedding we have been too.

Youth Music Monterey

2010-09-21 17:05:19

Dorothy & Linda were a real pleasure to work with. The youth muscians (String Quartet) were enjoyed by the bride and groom, as well as all of our family and guests! Truly a spectacular performance.

Baja Cantina

2010-09-21 17:05:19

Baja Cantina, Carmel CA

We wanted a casual restaurant for our rehearsal dinner. We found it, however they were overbooked and understaffed. The food was ok, but it took almost 4 hours for all of our 20 guests to be fed. The bride was served last, and that didn't go over well. It is a casual and fun environment, though not recommended for large parties on a Friday evening. It was too bad, we had really hoped to have a better experience that we were provided.