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2010-08-26 15:15:35

Do NOT buy from this supplier. I bought perfume and it took three months to arrive (by which time I had cancelled the order).

Bartfeld's Textiles

2010-08-26 15:13:46

Huge range of faux fur, just be careful of their opening hours. They are not open on Saturdays.

Lauren McNicol

2010-08-19 01:38:09

Lauren did a great job on my vintage hair style. She did a four hour trial, making sure that absolutely everything was how I wanted it.

Once Upon a Bride

2010-06-22 18:54:51

I had a trial for my hair, but only realised after I had booked that she is more of a make-up artist. Quite a disappointing trial, but I wanted something very specific. I went with someone else. She's probably great for make up though!


2010-04-09 23:35:20

Brilliant for covered buttons and vintage ones too. Kate is very helpful with selecting buttons for any project.

Penguin Mints

2010-03-10 17:03:11

We bought mints as our bonbonierie,shipping wasn't too bad when we got exactly what we wanted.

Floriculture Direct

2010-03-10 13:08:07

Unfortunately this vendor is no longer in business.


2010-03-10 00:45:37

Fantastic range of wedding fabrics, helpful staff.

The Bead Company

2010-03-10 00:40:30

Wide range of beads, but pretty atrocious at customer service when an order is slow. I had to ring SO MANY times. Great if they have what you need in store though.

Franke, Stuart

2010-03-10 00:32:41

Great supplier of wedding and evening fabrics. Very helpful with selecting suitable fabrics, and ON THE SPOT dying of veil fabric (I was very lucky).