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Mccune Photography

2010-11-30 11:12:35

We chose Gary because he was very affordable, and although he was a little inexperienced, the photos he had done were very nice. He is the only vendor that I would have not used. He was easy to get ahold of, and answered all of my questions promptly, but he didn;t get nearly all of the photos that I asked for. I filled out a list(that he had given me) of which photos we wanted, and he didn't even use that as a guide of which photos to take. I am pleased with the photos that we have, but I wish there was more variety. If I could do it again, I definetely would have paid more for an experienced photographer.

AIM Productions

2010-11-30 11:12:34

After we signed our contract with Scott, I was a little worried about him as our DJ, because he was very hard to get ahold of. I would have to email him twice before he would get back to me to answer my questions. But let me tell you, at the wedding he was AMAZING! He played all the songs we had asked him to, he was professional, and he kept the dance floor full. He was very reasonably priced and he did a wonderful job. I would highly recommend Scott Andrews as your wedding DJ.

Upper Crust Bakery

2010-11-30 11:12:34

Our wedding cake experience was fun! Upper Crust let us sample numerous different flavors and also let us use their beautiful cake stand for free. The cake was beautiful and exactly what we wanted. My only complaint is that on the wedding day, the frosting was WAY too thick! They piled about an inch of frosting on the entire cake.

Paula & Gary Wilson

2010-11-30 11:12:34

Paula Wilson is a wonderful harpist, but she was not very easy to work with. She was hard to get ahold of and was very demanding. The venue had forgotten to set up a mini stage for her and she came up to me while I was taking my formal photos to tell me "I need my stage, it was in the contract. I won't play without my stage." Very rude.

Cambray Rose Florist

2010-11-30 11:12:34

These flowers were gorgeous! Pam walked us through the entire floral experience. Our consultation lasted about 2 hours-going through photos, books and figuring out exactly what we wanted. On our wedding day, Pam was at the venue before us with everything all set up. I was completely stunned when I saw our bouquets because of what a great job she did. She is a little pricey as we only had ceremony flowers, and we still ended up paying over $1000, but if you can afford her I highly recommend Pam!

As You Like It Weddings

2010-11-30 11:12:34

Lisa Holeman was great! She made this part of the wedding planning so easy! We weren't very picky about the ceremony-we knew we wanted it kind of short and non-religious. Lisa gave us samples of ceremonies to choose from and was willing to help us write our own if that's what we wanted to do. I thought she was a little pricey for an hour of her time, but she was really the only officiant in Chico that I felt comfortable with. After meeting with her, there was no way we would have worked with someone else. She is super easy to get along with and to work with. I highly recommend Lisa Holeman!