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A+ Event Entertainment is Northern Michigan’s first choice for weddings, dances, and corporate events. Our Highly trained entertainment specialists not only play the songs you and your guests request, they play them at the “right time” to keep the party going as long as you want!

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2 Reviews for A+ Event Entertainment

  • 5/5

    Stacy was absolutely amazing! She has a great personality and the music library is awesome!

    -Christy and Sean

  • 5/5

    Let me start with saying I dealt mostly with Stacy and I absolutely loved her. She returned all my phone calls and emails usually the same day or the next day-which is REALLY nice =D

    When I met with Stacy and Tom (husband, Tom)-there are two Tom’s with the business) to pay the balance about 3 weeks or so before our Reception and gave them a list about a mile long…I am not exaggerating by much either-I’m not usually too picky about much, but music was VERY important and I had certain songs that I just had to have played….they looked at the list and laughed first of all…cause the list was just ridiculous (I admit it..haha) but they said “No problem, we have these songs and the ones we don’t have we’ll get and we’ll play them”. Wow what a relief =D

    The Reception Hall doesn’t have cell signal at all and I was wondering how we were going to let someone inside know that we were there so they could tell Stacy to start our Entrance Song..but when we pulled up there was Stacy and Tom (not husband, but SUPER nice guy) THANK GOD!…Stacy was on it!

    Once we sat down-Stacy and Tom were asking the entire Bridal Party what we wanted to drink (wow full service!) so they got our drinks for us and we started our toasts (best to get those nerves out of the way!) Then it was time for dinner-Tom insisted on carrying my plate for me! WOW!!!!!! I’ve never seen this done before, it was not necessary, but of course I appreciated it and I didn’t spill anything on my dress =D What a guy! The rest of the night they asked if we needed anything too…it was really sweet and just above and beyond any of my expectations of a DJ service! (P.S. They played the dinner music I had listed and then some..it was PERFECT!!!!!)

    So onto the First Dance and the other “Dances” they were all played perfectly (the correct versions that I had listed on the paper) and then it went into open dance and mingling for the Bride and Groom. Time REALLY gets away from you when it’s your wedding (I wish I could have DANCED more, because they were playing ALL my favorite songs (the list)-and then some!) but of course I had to say hello to all of our guests first. Stacy also was great at keeping me up with when it was time to cut the cake, time for the dollar dance, time for the Bouquet Toss and Garter Toss and when it was getting down to the last half hour…Thank God…cause trust me time gets away from you when you are busy with your guests =D

    Jake and I were both so happy with A+ Digital DJs and highly recommend them! =D


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