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Create a gift registry for your honeymoon! Very easy and free (only pay to upgrade). Our guests loved seeing our honeymoon plans laid out and being able to give us money towards specific things. Once your guest has selected what they want to pay for they just send you a personal check! No extra hidden fees to pay online. We were given $2,030 towards are Iceland honeymoon.

We couldn't afford a honeymoon, so this is what we really wanted. No charges, and people really feel like they are getting you something special rather than handing over the cash. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

My husband and I decided to register for our honeymoon rather than for the traditional household stuffs. Honeyfund.com made it possible! You have the option to set up the honeyfund website to deposit funds directly into your paypal account, which is what we did. We upgraded our honeyfund site, which had some nicer features than just the standard site templates they offered. Honeyfund.com was a great way for us to get what we wanted without asking for cash outright. All of our guests really liked the idea and supported our decision to register for travel. Those who wanted to give us something else, did so. It was really a win-win and we're really glad we went the honeymoon registry route.

We chose to do a honeymoon registry which my family, friends and all of our guests absolutely raved about! Honeyfund doesn't take any money off the gifts. The only thing that gets deducted is the 3% on paypal credit card transactions if guests pay via paypal. You can pay a one time fee of $29 to have pictures on the honeyfund site and its so worth it. We had a great outcome using this site!

Our guests appreciated the option to give us money using a credit card or Pay Pal. You only lose a small percentage in fees. Advertising on your site makes this free.

We chose to go with a honeymoon registry and glad we did! The feedback was great! Several of our guests had never heard of such a thing, but commented that having an online registry took alot out of driving here and there! We were able to list exactly what we wanted, and guests either brought their "gift" to the wedding/reception or mailed it to us. We suggest doing it this way (having the guest hand-deliver it, or mail it), due to the fact that if a credit card payment is made, honeyfund takes part of your money!

Honeymoon registry that doesn't take fees out. AT ALL! And it's excellent, easy and takes different currencies!

If you are looking for a FREE honeymoon registry this is the way to go. Basically, they provide you with free web space and never take any money in their hands. Your guests pick out a gift and print a certificate on their home computer. Then they include the certificate with a check or cash in a card to you to send or to give to you on your wedding day. The best part-none of the gift your guests give goes to someone else.

We loved this registry. As a older couple, we have most of the traditional items one would put on a registry, so we used Honeyfund to give our guests the option to give us gifts for our honeymoom. I think 90% or more of our guests liked the idea, and we got about 20 gifts through the registry.

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