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We had an incident where an immediate family member passed away the week of the wedding and when spoke with a person at the store at the time, she mentioned that tux money could not be refunded and that only a very small amount had been put down. After wedding that same weekend we were able to located receipt and to our surprise he had paid off the tux the week before and was going to pick up the following week. Funny how person at store would not just tell us that he had paid tux off instead led us to believe that $20 had only been paid on it. We went back and spoke with manager and he did refund full payment by check thru mail. Sometimes people just have to be persistent and follow up. It was not like the family member refused to go to wedding the person passed away suddenly:(

All of the groomsmen had a great experience except one - he is smaller than the average guy and when he went to pick up his tux, it didnt fit at all. They had taken his measurements prior when he ordered the tux but the pants were too short, the jacket didnt button, and the shirt was huge.

Thankfully, they were able to alter the tux on the spot and it only took about a half hour. I'm so glad he tried it on that day!

Other than this, it was a pleasure to work with Mens Warehouse

National chain obviously, but they were great. Very helpful and professional and we had no problems with getting everyone fitted and the tuxes looked great!

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