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Inexpensive, on time, will replace anything they've made a mistake on. I liked them.

I designed my own wedding invitations and uploaded the design to this website - we printed long invitations (a 4 x 8 postcard back and front to save on postage, printed two sets of return address labels, and got envelopes). I've used them often for projects that I've produced, so I knew that as long as I could make sure the jpegs/pdf's were high enough resolution, I could trust their color matching and prints. Managed to do it in a season of intense discounts, (look to see if there are any online promo codes) so we got them about half off. Shipping was quick, and we were pretty happy with the results. I ended up printing inserts with kinko's and was actually much happier with the results from vistaprint.

Price was right, more trouble than I expected getting everything just perfect but the end result was awesome!

The best deal you will ever get, go here! Save-the-dates, invitations, Thank you cards, everything!

I made BEAUTIFUL Save the Date magnets for a little less then $0.50 a piece.

The best way to go. You just need to get creative. I also reccommend checking out, but VistaPrint provides many option and you just need to take the time to design everything. I ended up saving so much because it wasn't marked up for being labeled "wedding" products. I got notecards and post-its for Save the Dates, postcards for RSVPS, different sized cards and notecards for the invitations. I used their printed materials along with my crafts (stamps and ribbons) and everything came out wonderfully.

Great value for the price. We upgraded the paper type and I think that helped make them look nicer. I had to contact customer service because I had some problems applying my groupon and they were really helpful.

Envelopes, address labels, envelope seals, stickers for our wine bottles, postcards for our guests to write on, thank you cards, and any other stationary you might need, Vistaprint is the place. Awesome cheap deals, excellent quality and fantastic customer service. Definitely one to check out!

Their website is not what I'd call transparent, but if you're willing to take the time to find the best deal on what you want it's amazing. We got 500 invitations, save the dates, envelopes, & return address labels for under $200.

We used Vistaprint for invitation vendor. I was able to customize and personalize our invites, RSVP's, return labels and thank you's. We saved A TON of money. I ordered 120 of each (w/ envelopes) and 280 Return address labels all for $200.00. It was not even close to any local vendor on cost. I loved them too. They were elegant and beautiful.

CHEAP! If you don't want to spend a lot of money on something most people will throw out the day after your wedding, this is the site to go to! Definitely good quality but still reasonably priced.

I used Vista Print to make all my invites, place cards, thank you's, address labels, and programs. They have great designs, and you can even upload and design your own from scratch. I saved a ton of money by ordering through there. They are really inexpensive, and you can always find coupons online. The processing and shipping time is really quick, and everything turned out great! We had a ton of compliments on how all of it matched and went so well together. The quality of there products are wonderful. My MOH also used them for my shower invites, and they were amazing. I will be using them for our wedding thank you cards.

This site is awesome. Essentially, you pick out what you want to make, design it and send it off to print. All the bridesmaids received personalized stationary from Vistaprint and the programs that we ordered from there are gorgeous. We were even able to include images in our program such as a wedding map created on

I used Vista Print for everything from save the dates to the thank you cards. So reasonable and they look really nice, if you search around you can find really good discounts. I was able to get 200 invites, response cards, and reception cards for about $100!!

we used the brochures. can't beat the price!

This is great for DIY invitations -- they're quick in getting out what you ordered, and the products were great quality (linen paper = just like normal invitations)!

Simple, but nice. No engraving, but elegant. I got the dogwood pattern in blue and greyscale with old fashioned cursive writing. They turned out wonderful. They are so affordable that I was able to get matching thank you notes as well. However, be careful when you order your reply cards. They sent me cards that didn't fit in the envelope for the invitation. That's the thing about vistaprint, it's a DIY type place in that you have to figure out dimensions, etc. on your own. They don't sell invitation packages. Well, they might, but not in any pattern I wanted. So I had to do a lot of cutting, pasting, etc. to make my own invitations, reply cards, and thank you's out of the pattern I wanted. It's a lot of work but it will save you money and if you don't want anything too fancy, it's the place to go. Do NOT, and I repeat, Do NOT pay full price at their website. I've never seen so many coupons on the internet for one site. I got 50% off all of my orders. I think they know people do this, though, and they adjust their prices. It is not worth the full price. You should get a coupon if you want to shop there for wedding invites.

Great job! Free Inviations

My sister suggested this website/company for my wedding invitations and reply cards. It was FANTASTIC! I ordered the large postcards and uploaded our Mexican beach wedding photo to the front and added our own writing to the front in the desired font and colour and size. On the back I printed all the information of the reception address and day time lines. These ended up being free! I only paid for the large envelopes. I then ordered the small postcards and uploaded the same photo for the front and put the RSVP info on the back. These were free also! I only paid for the envelopes that people would use to mail the RSVP cards back to us. What would've cost us at least $500.00 for simple invitations from a wedding store only cost us $30.00 for the envelopes and shipping. VistaPrint is a Canadian company but the American website seems to have all the better deals. Something my sister (who lives in Santa Monica pointed out to me). This was totally unique and personalized and I got soooo many compliments and questions---many plan on doing the same thing or at least suggesting it to others. It was so easy and there are operators that can help you over the phone if you are having trouble. The delivery was very fast! I was able to track the progress of my order from start to finish. I will use VistaPrint for other business uses in the future.

I ordered save the date postcards through them. My only complaint with them is that they had to be re-ordered 3 times because they were printing the back of the card upside down. Granted, they said it was the way I uploaded it but I could never see where it was obvious that the way i uploaded it was incorrect. The print preview and proof I ordered indicated that all was fine. Even after calling they still sent the next order wrong. But in the end I could have never have ordered them period if it had not been for how cheap they were and they gave me very little hassle on redoing the order. Now that I know how their upload program works I am sure I will use with no problems.

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