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Very friendly and creates delicious and beautiful custom made cakes! Staff are very helpful!

Surprisingly disappointing. Two of the 7 buffet items were changed to less desirable, cheaper items. The catering manager behaved unprofessionally in several ways. We had expected this to be the best part of the evening; it was the worst. So disappointing. The only recourse offered so far has been to change the price to reflect what we actually got. Didn't get what you wanted? Just pay for what you got, problem solved??? And in the end, their attitude was really bad, no real apology and no statement that this is not typical; it leads me to believe this is common practice. I will say the cake was great, but for the buffet, if you spend months going over the menu and stressing that a certain item is very important and you end up not getting it and the only explanation is Oh sorry I forgot to tell the chef then it's upsetting.

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