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    Let me start by saying that this site is absolutely beautiful…very scenic, outdoorsy, with lots of windows. This place can really transform into whatever you want it to be. The downside is dealing with the woman who owns and runs this facility. There were so many issues and conflicts with this woman, that I don’t want to mention them all here…I will just name the biggest ones. (Although I am more than happy to discuss this with anyone who is interested so they don’t make the same mistakes that we did!) First of all, we were not able to sign the contract when we gave the deposit because she supposedly “needed more information about our vendors.” When we finally received the contract (which was about 1 month prior to wedding), there was hidden fees and charges throughout the entire thing, none of which were discussed prior to this. And, not one piece of information that was supposedly needed about the vendors was in the contract. When I tried discussing the situation with the owner Virginia, she demanded that we give her the balance due along with the signed contract otherwise threatened to give away the facility on the day of our event. My husband and I felt that we were manipulated and pushed into a contract with hidden fees and charges all over it. Throughout the entire wedding planning process, she was incredibly difficult to deal with primarily because of her poor customer service, ridiculous demands, inability to compromise, and her rude behavior (to not just myself, but my vendors and family as well). If you are considering this place, it is gorgeous…but know what you are going to have to deal with throughout the entire process. Although the multitude of wonderful comments we received about the facility were endless, I honestly regret having my wedding here purely because of this owner. She was incredibly difficult to reach, and just made every little thing so much harder than it needed to be, even on the day of the wedding. If you decide to have your wedding here, my advice is this: sign the contract when you give your deposit! If she gives you excuses, go elsewhere because she is going to try to pull the same thing on you that she did with us. I realized that what makes the wedding is not the place, but the family and friends that come with love and warm wishes. The other venue that we were contemplating with this ambiance that was just as beautiful as this place, was not only cheaper, but also the people there were so much nicer and accommodating was The Atrium on New Castle Rd in Prospect PA. Don’t make the same mistake we did…hope this helps!!! 🙂

    -Urvisha and Neville

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