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ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!! This is probably the worst vendor we have ever worked with- not just for the wedding- in any situation. They told us they would deliver the linens the day before the wedding. I called to see when they would be arriving and they said they werent coming on Friday and couldn't help me. I asked that they come first thing on Saturday as they would not pin one of the table cloths so we had to have the mother of the bride there in the morning to pin the tables. They, of course, said they would. We were all there at 8:30 AM- Bride, Groom, Mother of Bride, wedding coordinator, and bride's cousin. Connie Duglin didnt show. They wouldnt answer any phone number. The only way we could get a hold of them is that another vendor we had there happened to have a cell number to a different connie Duglin rep. She got us in touch with the owner around 11 AM- already 3 hours late. He could not have been any more rude. He never apologized and told us that "these things happen." He could not tell us where the truck was, when it would get there or even IF it would get there. They finally showed up at 2 PM- SIX HOURS LATE. Our ceremony started at 5. They still would not help with the pins so the Mother of the Bride was there pinning until after 3 with only two hours before the ceremony. To top all of it off, they brough the wrong size chair covers. And THEN JUST LEFT!!! Our wedding coordinator, Wendy, had to call extra staff to actually use double-sided tape to secure the coverings to each chair leg. 100 chairs.

Absolutely the worst experience with any company we have ever had. I would rather have paper table cloths than work with them ever again. Terrible customer service + terrible people + wrong products + lies during sales process = bad vendor.

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