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Very accommodating when we registered! Offered us beverages, answered questions, and we got a free gift. Easy returns/exchanges.

Love this store, but some picture frames seem overpriced when compared to others of the same quality.

They have a great selection of items, but a lot of my new things have broken already. It is also an easy place for returns which is nice!

They were very helpful in the registering process.

Very helpful when selecting registry items, as well as returns & exchanges.

Extremely helpful and great place. I suggest registering with them. They treat you really well and help you with the "big" stuff. It is a process.... we spent 2 days there the first day was over 6 hours!

They are kind of pricey, and pushy to get you to register for china and expensive pots & pans sets

All my friends told me this was a great place to register, and they were right. You make an appointment to register, and they assign someone to personally help you select items and fill out the registry. They printed up little cards with our names and registry numbers to include in shower invitations. When guests purchase things off our registry, they offer to wrap the gift for free. After the wedding, they invited us to a "registry wrap up" party where we received 20% off the rest of our registry items.

Bed Bath and Beyond is a great store to register. We had a great time with our registry because of the variety of items at the store. Additionally, the store is very easy in regards to returns. The only problem we had with Bed Bath and Beyond was that if you returned something you HAD to request to take the item off your list... we returned two items we received as bridal shower gifts and then received them again as wedding gifts. I did not realize that we had to request to take these off our registry.

Five stars because their return policy is sooooo flexible, and they deliver to your door if your out of town guests don't feel like carrying in items, or they don't have the item at their store. I only registered here on a whim because so many of my friends did, and now I see why!

Several items were listed as in store, but were not in the correct colors. We were told we could not register until six months before the wedding (we knew we wouldn't have time and went at nine months)...turns out, you can, but the representative the day we first went turned us away. Terrible business practice.

Were able to return the things we wanted without any hassle. The only annoying thing is that there's no alert that tells you to pick something else if the item on your registry is being discontinued. If it isn't available online, chances are it's not available anywhere so switch it out.

Fantastic! They have so many rewards programs and offers that it seems like the free money never stops. I recieved $25 for referring a friend, a $100 gift card for registering for a set amount of a certain brand, plus you get 25% off of everything on your registry after the wedding. I definately recommend BB&B compared to Macys, which was a total waste of our time. No rewards programs to speak of, plus they are over priced. Many of the items they offer can be found at BB&B.

When you register here, they treat you like royalty. We had managers offering us snacks and water bottles out of a basket while we were walking around the store!

GREAT return policy!!!!

THEY HAVE EVERYTHING! It is a great place to go if you don't have much. It's easy and they have a great deal at the end.

Everything was awesome - staff was extremely helpful!

We love all of our gifts and it was very easy how everything was delivered right to our apartment. Make sure you wait a few weeks to get the rest of the items on you registry. They send you all these coupons and discounts and we had already purchased all our stuff.

Awesome! A little pricey, but people can use the 20% off coupons. Great about returns! Love their policy!

Standard sort of stuff. The person helping us got visibly tired towards the end of our visit, though.

Great items for the home. Gifts arrived beautifully packaged with gift cards.

They were awesome to work with. Very accommodating and customer service is awesome! I receive coupons constantly from them. I also had a personal phone call inviting me to a special registry shopping event (after store hours).

They have everything you need and have a good return policy for dup's

We had no problems here. One piece of advice: try not to register for things that are excluded on their 20% off coupons you get in the mail. We can't use those coupons for our dishes, and it's driving us crazy since we'd love to buy more but wish we could still get a discount.

They are so flexible! They'll take anything back that was on your registry no questions asked!

Excellent staff. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Fun stuff in store, maybe not as unique as a local store, but we got lots of great things!!! Great rewards and guests can use coupons here.

Very good with returns.

Awesome products, customer service and return policy.

They have everything but, by chance they do not, they will find it for you. They are very efficient and accommodating. It was very easy to register and return items.

They provided nice registry and completion gifts for registering there, and had almost everything we wanted. Plus, the 20% off coupons they offer to their customers made the items we registered for even more affordable.

Very efficient I did not recive the same gift twice such a nice variety of things.

Great service- registry online.....big selection!

LOVE BBB. They are incredibly customer friendly. You can return ANYTHING with or without the gift receipt. You can update your registry online... They have high quality products, like fine china, also Waterford, and they have holiday items, just basically EVERYTHING you can think of. If you've never been to a BBB, go to their website and take a look around. Competitively priced, and good quality.

Really nice people to help us with our registry.

We also had some problems with this registry as well. The woman at the store was extremely rude to us when we signed up, I almost walked out.

I highly recommend this store for your gift registry. They have all the same stuff that Macy's did and guests can use those great 20% off coupons. In addition for a bunch of duplicate items we returned, they gave us the option to get cash back, which we ended up saving and used on our 1 year anniversary trip. Their customer service has been excellent in my experience as well. I've had issues at Linens n Things but neverat BBB. They are awesome!

LOVE IT! They have everything. You can add to the registry online! They give you back cash for the returned gifts.

Fairly easy to set up. The store I went to wanted me to register for everything in one day which seemed ridiculous to me. I ended up coming back and adding/deleting some stuff. The registry people were very helpful. Their return policy is pretty good except I'd always heard you could bring stuff back for cash, which I know sounds tacky but I registered for 12 place settings and got 15, so it would have been nice to get the cash back since we were done with all our purchases. If you don't have a gift receipt or packing slip, you will just get a store credit on a receipt slip, no card. Although today I went to return something and they said they would give cash IF the people have the receipt and yell/scream. :)

Really great selection. After the wedding, they were really great about taking returns back, etc.

Wonderful to work with. Returns were very easy and I could register for everything I wanted to online which was a huge convenience. MOST of my guests who bought off a registry, bought from this registry!

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