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Lots of great deals and promotions with a Target registry.

Target's registry was a pain. We'd scan things and when we'd get home to check it online about 30% of things would be missing or the quantities would be off. Guests told us they would purchase us gifts but the registry didn't update resulting in lots of multiples in gifts. It was nice we could use the registry in lieu of gift receipts

Who doesn't love Target? I spend all my money there so I loved getting lots of gifts from there!

Target's constant rotating supply of inventory made maintaining our registry a pain. Family and Friends complained that they couldn't purchase anything off our registry because it was either out of stock or limited availability. Our registries at Kohls and William's Sonoma were much better about this.

Target has everything! Registries are easy to make and easy to print. If you get a gift without a receipt, you can print your gift log at the store and you get credit for the price that was paid, not just the lowest price most other places would offer. They also send you a 10% coupon for anything left on your registry after your wedding. The only thing I didn't like was there were a few things on the registry that I could see online, but not in the store and vice versa. And it wasn't that they were only available for purchase online or in the store.

I love Target. They have everything for a wedding registry that my husband and I needed for our house. It was kind of empowering to walk around with the tag gun and put stuff on it. It was a great bonding experience for my husband and I.

We thought Target was a great choice for our registry due to the many locations. When we actually went to the store I didn't feel they had as large of a selection as I would like. I feel our list had a lot of high ticket items and it was hard to find less expensive items to add.

These people are pretty incompetent. We had no problem registering, but immediately after wards we had problems. There were things on the registry we didn't scan, there were 30 items missing we did scan. They couldn't tell me when or if the problems would ever be fixed. We canceled everything with them except gift cards. we then went back with those to purchase 1 item we really wanted and within those 2 months it was no longer being carried by the stores.

When items were running low in stock or going on clearance, Target would notify us by email so that we could either buy the item or choose a similar item. They also sent us coupons after our reception was finished to get whatever was left on the registry at a discounted price.

I registered at Target because there is always one nearby and I knew it would make it easy for my guests, but honestly, they weren't that great. We registered at about 5 places and Target gave us the worst deals on everything. Plus they never have any sales. If I were to do it again, I would register at Target only for my wedding showers, with just small gifts. Or else I would just not register at Target and go with Bed Bath and Beyond instead. They have better selection.

They have everything but the registry is a mess!

Easy to use and good selection.

Target is an all-around great store. After the wedding, they give us a coupon for 10% off whatever was left on our registry. And they gave us a coupon for, which I used to print out several of our wedding photos.


Their return policy is terrible if you don't have a gift receipt, even if it's on your registry showing it being purchased.

Both Great - Target didn't ship to us, and couldn't ship store to store. Bummer. Herbergers was GREAT - shipped and was perfect!

The invitations were classy and super inexpensive.

Ok. Not my favorite store and had trouble finding things we liked in store vs online. Not a bad place to register though.

Target rocks! They always have something you "need" & it's convenient for everyone, have you ever NOT seen a Target in a city?

Because we live only blocks away from a Target, we had to register there. Target gift cards are always handy.

I do not recommend registering here. Their return policy is rediculous and you will get several cake plates, probably without gift recipts.

This was convenient and a great way for all of our guests to participate. Target is very accomodating to return and working with your registry items! Very easy for our guests.

We had problem upon problem with our registry. Many items were purchased but not marked off the registry so that we ended up with many of the same item. Without a receipt, Target would not let us return more than 3 of the items in one year! Plus, if the item had ever been on sale, we got only the discounted price back on the few items we were allowed to return. We're not sure that any other retail establishments would be any better than this though. We recommend foregoing registering for gifts entirely. If we had it to do over again, we would ask people to just invest cash in our get out of debt or new house fund. We have also heard of people asking for gift cards for restaurants. One couple I knew never paid for a meal the entire first year of their marriage because of all the gift cards to restaurants they received!

when i first started i thought it was great , alot of things where on line only and not in store selection and versatility was good, when i tried returning things i had a problem with items over a certain dollar amount with no receipt. i wont shop there again. i should have gone to kohls, i love kohls.

tons to choose from, easy to use, online and in-store options for add/delete products, coupons, easy returns & exchanges (VERY helpful)

Love the store, still do, but we had many, many, many problems with the registry. I don't want to rant on forever here, but I would not recommend them to anyone for registry. It was and still is a big headache.

Terrible return policy and very hard to work with. (Very few people actually give you the receipt with their gift.) I would not recommend them to anyone. They were not friendly and didn't even have great prices. You'd be better off at Wal-mart.

Target's really gone downhill lately. They're return policy is very difficult to work with when you need to return a bunch of stuff you didn't want.

Beautiful cake at an incredibly reasonable price.

HORRIBLE!!! I am a huge fan or Target, but do not register there!!! Their return policy is awful! You only have a certain amount of time and if you don't have a gift receipt you're hosed. You can only return up to a certain amount with a Drivers Licens a year if you don't have the receipt. I know we didn't get gift receipts for a lot of stuff we got. People don't always buy off your registry and in our case the registry didn't always show it was bough so we got multiple items of something. They are very hard to work with.

I probably should have not registered here because not many people bought stuff off my registry. Of what was purchased, I'd received duplicates and even though at the time I did not have a receipt, they let me have store credit for the items. However, I got one gift that was definitely from Target but not on our registry but because it was over $35, they would not give me anything (Store credit, etc.), so I am stuck with it.

They were also really great. We had a ton of stuff to return and swap, and they were friendly and helpful in getting it done. They do put everything on a gift card, no cash refunds, but it worked out for us.

Very unhappy with Clubwed!

We loved the Target registry. There were many relevant items to choose from. Many of the items offered free shipping which was helpful to our guests.

We were very happy with our invitations. The rating we have given Target is due to the printing issues we had. The printer didn't like all of the smaller but thick pieces of paper. But I think that any time you print your own invitations that is a possibility. It just meant a lot of time spent feeding paper only a few sheets at a time into the printer. Otherwise, we were very happy with the invitations for the price. I do wish that Target would sell paper that matches - we had a hard time finding paper to print our maps on. We needed sheets bigger than the small sheets they do sell, and couldn't find anything so ended up with something that didn't quite match.

This is a good choice for a couple like us who doesn't want to spend a lot of their budget on paper that will in all probability just be thrown away.

Target online has a GREAT selection of tuxedo's for purchase, they fit well and are about the same price as renting, perhaps a little less actually. Compared to the rental tux, they are exactly the same.

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