Darla does a perfect job and manages to calm you down the entire day! She is nicer and more accomodating than you can imagine! I was thrilled with the way she did my hair and makeup!

Darla and her assistant, Julie, were my favorites in this process. First, Darla is literally the sweetest person I have ever met. I did my trial at her home, and she was so patient trying different looks and taking photos – it was great. She and Julie did an amazing job making the schedule, working on all the girls, and they really made everyone look absolutely gorgeous, as you can see from the photos. Also, we were very late after the ceremony, and Darla was so accommodating doing my hair by the pool so we could take pictures on the beach, and just working quickly to make everything perfect. I could not have been happier with her and Julie. Plus, they are just fun to be around! I think we all got a kick out of each other. She really is a legend and a talented lady. I was ecstatic to have the two of them be a part of creating my special day!

Do we really need to give her reviews anymore!?!? She is fabulous & we all know that! All my girls loved her and loved their hair and makeup...even my sister, who is hard to please! And she is really wonderful to have around on such a stressful day! She even sat in the limo w/ me as I was waiting to get out and walk down the aisle...powdering my nose, making sure I was calm. Her assistant, Julie (I think?), was also really great...definitely glad we had her b/c time was tight as we had a lot 5 BMs, Me, & 2 Moms all getting H&M done.

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