Montego Bay, Jamaica

We choose to go to Montego Bay, Jamaica on our honeymoon and purchased an all-inclusive package with Sandals. The honeymoon was amazing and we had the time of our life. I do believe it was slightly overpriced and their ads about "up to 60% off" makes it seem like a better deal. I would, however, recommend it to others!

Great service, great all inclusive packages, great locations

We went to Sandals St. Lucia Grande for our honeymoon and couldn't have been happier with everything! Like most people, we spent hours researching our options and reading reviews. We tortured our travel agent with questions and doubts until finally, we decided on this resort. We are so thankful that we did! Reading all of the negative reviews can be very confusing but it's all about the expectations you have, what kind of person you are and what you're looking for in a vacation or honeymoon. We live in Los Angeles (but are both from New York) so we are admittedly spoiled when it comes to food, drinks, travel and entertainment.

Our idea of a great honeymoon was something where we could relax, eat and drink. We didn't want to deal with more planning, more budgeting, and more itineraries! This was our first all-inclusive experience, although we have been on one cruise (and hated it). Our expectations were semi-low..... we sort of expected a "cruise on land" vibe, low quality food and cheesy "Sandals" logos everywhere. We were also terrified that we would be the oldest couple there (we are in our mid-30's) or that we'd be amidst a sea of "honeymooners-gone-wild." None of these things were the case! There are all kinds of couples, of all ages there. Most people are there on their honeymoon, so if you're looking to be treated like you're something special just because you're wearing a "sexy little bride" t-shirt then yes, you will be disappointed. Your experience here is really what you make of it. If you want to meet other couples and make new friends, there are plenty of opportunities and friendly people at the bars and the beach who you will meet and talk to. If you want to be alone and focus only on your husband/wife then you can do that, too and that's what we mostly chose to do. There's always an empty hammock, a quiet spot by the pool or a walk on the beach. Getting a cabana one day was our favorite thing we did. "No Pressure, No Problem" was my favorite drink (we made it a point to try all of them and they are all delicious!) The food was all wonderful. We did not go to the other resorts and other than one dinner at Toscanini's, we were happy eating dinner every night at Bayside (breakfast buffet at Bayside and breakfast at Toscanini's are both great!) Our room was lovely. We had a wonderful couples massage at the spa - worth every penny. And thanks to some great advice, we took the Jeep Safari excursion.

We truly enjoyed the "Soufriere Jeep Discovery & Waterfall Revelation” tour with our guide Nilan. The volcano, waterfall, banana plantation and fishing village were all beautiful, but it was really the star personality of Nilan that made the experience extra special. He was fun, genuine and funny - giving us a fantastic insight into the island and its true culture. We recommend taking advantage of the natural mud bath near the volcano, but be warned that the sulfur smell and stains from the mud are hard to get out of your bathing suit (so don’t wear your best suit or your jewelry).

If you're looking for a no-brainer, relaxing honeymoon/vacation and you enjoy eating and drinking then this is the PERFECT place for you! If you don't drink or like to eat (let's face it, that's what you're paying for) or if you are a hard-to-please complainer who thinks the world owes you something because you are on your honeymoon, then..... good luck to your new spouse! We will definitely be looking into other Sandals for future romantic, relaxing vacations!

St Lucia - will not be visiting another sandals again.

My husband and I went to Sandals Royal Caribbean for our honeymoon in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It was beautiful, the facilities were gorgeous, and the people were fabulous. We can't wait to go back!

Jamaica was fun. We stayed at Sandals Dunns River Falls but would recommend staying at Sandals Ocho Rios. Our resort was pretty little where Ocho Rios was way bigger therefore they had more to do and mor restaurants to choose from.

Tami from Paradise Getaways was extremely helpful. She hosts informational meetings at Fantastic Finds in Lansing from time to time. Check one out if your interested in all-inclusive awesomeness!! :)

Incredibly beautiful, wonderful location, loved the ability to travel between the three resorts. Great food and service, completely worth the money.

We spent 6 nights at the Sandals all-inclusive Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay Jamaica. It was perfect!! The customer service is top notch. I did learn a few lessons while booking this trip. Do not book your flight through the resort. If something goes wrong with your flight you may run in to problems. As soon as you arrive or shortly after, make reservations to all of the restaurants that require reservations beacause you may miss out. And finally at all Sandals resorts you are allowed to use all the ammenities of the other resorts in the area. There are 3 in montego bay and one in Negril. Each resort has a bus that leaves every hour for drop off to other resorts. So book cheap and bounce around to the spendier resorts. No matter what you plan you will have an amazing time in Jamaice with Samndals!


This was OKAY. We've been on Mexico all-inclusive trips for half the price we paid for this trip and it was a close comparison.

FABULOUS in every way!

We went to Ocho Rios. It was so much fun. The staff was amazing. We are going to try another Sandals soon because we had so much fun. The food is great as well!

We were absolutely spoiled rotten at Sandals. We had a honeymoon rondoval with a private plunge pool and butler service. Our butlers, Maureen and Cecil, were awesome!! The only complaints we had were that the Sandals staff would often come and go from our "private" plunge pool area unannounced, even after putting up a do not disturb sign. Other than that, the room, resort, and all the staff was very friendly and we had a great time. I would definitely recommend leaving the resort to explore the rest of the island. It's like two different worlds and you will get a much better experience if you leave the resort some to venture out. The island seemed very safe during the day. We never went very far from the resort at night.

What an amazing honeymoon. Jamaica is beautiful of its own accord, but staying at a Sandals location helped make for a phenomenal honeymoon.

We stayed in both the roundeval suites with 24 hour butler service and on the concerige floor for 8 nights. It was wonderful and we felt pampered. There was always something to do and somewhere we could go to be alone : ) The food was 4 stars and as much as you wanted. The pool bar was my favorite place to be during the day and we dined out every night. We can't wait to go back! Oh and it's stay at one, play at all 3 resorts on the island, plus golfing and water sports!

We took went to an all inclusive resort in Ocho Rios, Jamacia. It was actually cheaper then staying in the States and was AMAZING. So much to do, so romantic and you don't have to worry about paying for anything all week. The food was amazing and the beach was goregous.

Great place for a honeymoon. All-inclusive with many water activities included.

I think Sandals would be a lot of fun with a group of friends, but for a honeymoon I was disappointed. It felt more like a frat party, then a honeymoon. The food was truly awful and the accomodations were average but not spectacular by any stretch. The only reason that I'd give it 3 stars is because the service was fantastic. Plus it was my honeymoon, so I was still in a good mood ;-)

Sandals provides the ultimate honeymoon experience. They cater to your every need and the focus in on your comfort and enjoyment to relax and enjoy each other. I would highly recommend any of the Sandals resorts. If you are looking for a relaxing, care free honeymoon experience, a Sandals Resort in the Carribean is the ideal choice.

We went to Sandals Ochos Rios. Overall, we had a great experience. The food was really the only disappointment. The grounds were beautiful and the staff, for the most part was nice. Service was actually quite good, considering we were in a Carribean country and tips were not included!

Sandals Grande Antigua Resort and Spa. Breath taking beach and mouth watering food. Butler service was on point--ask for N'Kosi!

This place was amazing!

We had a blast! The staff were friendly, the food was good, and there was plenty to drink!

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