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I'm torn as to what to write here. When I first saw Cassidy's website, she was working under a different business name with a partner. I thought the pictures were beautiful and I loved the photojournalistic style. When we contacted her, her partner was moving, and she was going solo, which she said wouldn't be a problem for her. As we still liked her work and she was much more affordable than many other photographers, we hired her. Throughout the day, she seemed a bit scattered and disorganized, and didn't really have any original thoughts on pictures to take with our group. She had me fill out a sheet listing pictures I absolutely wanted, and many of these were never taken. Also, the volume of pictures taken was much less than many photographers may provide their clients. That being said, many of the pictures turned out beautifully, and we received many compliments on them. I guess it's always easy to look back and criticize, but at the same time, photos are essential - and you can't go back and do it over again. I believe we may have been her first wedding solo, so I'm betting things have much improved from advice would to any couple hiring her would just be to emphasize to her that if you give her a list of certain pictures you want taken, make sure she knows that they need to be done and she needs to make the effort to get them set up. It's not your job to remember that day! Also, evaluate her work as a solo artist - I think their were many cool picture ideas that we could've done, but she just didn't have the experience to set them up. Overall, I have a lovely album and pictures, I just have a few gripes about it...

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