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Well hello there! I know I'm expected to write here how long I've been in business, what nice bad...


Well hello there!

I know I'm expected to write here how long I've been in business, what nice badges I have to show off... I'm not going to do that.

Instead, I want our first step to getting to know each other. Believe it or not, liking your photographer plays a HUGE part in getting all those sweet lovey-dovey photos ;) Seriously - I've been doing this for over a decade and I've been in all boxes: The "I'm a very serious photographer" box, the "I have such fancy gear" box, the "Look at what I all have to offer" box... Nothing worked better than "Hey, stop there for a second - you already like what you see... Let's get to know each other better and see how we click" box. It's like magic sauce!

I'm an advocate for love - we all should be shameless to show our love without any labels. I'm also passionate - A LOT! I have a utopia where everybody loves each other for who they are, with all their differences - we know that's not going to happen anytime soon in this world - but being a little dreamer is not going to harm anyone! This is what Taradise is about - everybody is welcome here and have a place to share a cup of coffee with me over some giggles.

I love what I do. I love meeting new people and showing them how beautiful the rest of the world sees them - regardless of age, sex, or color...

Being so transparent has been attracting my crowd towards me for years. My couples are nerdy, quirky, laidback and enjoy my company. My people love laughing and have a good sense of humor. Some of them are shy and need a little bit more time to spend together - but at the end of the day either through food, culture, photography, music - we find something to connect over. My clientele is made of people who are madly in love.

Let's grab a drink at your favorite bar in Deep Ellum, or some coffee at my studio (I have a full-blown coffee bar! Can you already tell I LOVE COFFEE? hehe) and get to know each other. In the meanwhile, we can look at full wedding galleries from real weddings - couples just like you. And if it all goes well - THEN we can do all the serious talk about contracts and money :)

Feel free to visit my website at www.taraarseven.com and you can find all the information, including pricing there - just to know what to expect.

Did you make it this far? That's a good sign! Send me a message to start with and we'll take it from there! :)

Talk soon!

Until then,




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