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Music and dancing were very important to me and my husband. He was the first vendor that we booked. He came with great reviews and claims of getting people onto the dance floor. We felt that we had a very productive pre-wedding meeting. We told him our ‘must-play’ songs and expressed to him our expectations.

None of our requests were honored, he forgot our slideshow, he repeatedly CLEARED the dance floor and I left my wedding in tears. We were embarrassed and disappointed. Our favorite part of any event is dancing and it really saddens me that the last memory that I have of my wedding is telling the DJ to end it early because no one was having fun listening to HIS song choices.

Here is a list of everything that he did:

-There was no slideshow.

-The music skipped as I was WALKING down the aisle!

-The dinner music was too loud and the mixed in songs that weren’t lounge music didn’t work (he was playing lounge music per our request but he began to mix in classic rock songs, WTF?)

-We were informed by several guests that the music skipped several times during dinner.

-The ‘transition’ music he used to ‘change the mood’ was horrible, not from our list and wasn’t discussed at our meeting.

-Our first song wasn’t cut down to two minutes as we were told it would be at our meeting.

-The Father/Daughter dance song wasn’t cut down to two minutes (my father had hip surgery and was worried about dancing with me in the first place. I assured him that our DJ promised us that he would cut the song down to two minutes. Well, he didn’t and my father limped off of the stage after I had to signal to my husband to cut the song because I was holding up my dad (I am sure that looked great to our guests…).).

-He forgot about my sentimental toast to my Uncle (even though we talked about it at length in our meeting) and I had to chase the DJ down like an idiot to get the microphone.

-He played Unchained Melody (YUCK!!!!) and YMCA (both songs were NOT on our playlist).

-He played Shout towards the beginning of the night even though we told him at our meeting that we like to hear that song later in the evening.

-He played this weird mix (that I am sure he has been using for years) that cut into songs and cut out of songs strangely. It was hard to follow and hard to dance to. Definitely not what we agreed to and most likely, not on our list.

-He did not play any music during the cake cutting, despite the fact that we had talked about wanting to hear Sex and Candy during this time.

-He played the music for the bouquet toss without alerting the venue, bride or groom. This resulted in a frantic search for the toss bouquet which wasn’t found in time and turned a fun event into a frenzy. I ended up having to toss a Bridesmaid’s bouquet. How embarrassing!

-He cleared the dance floor at LEAST 3 times.

-He told a 9 year old, “You look like you are having too much fun! You should go to the bar and get some more wine! HA, HA, HA”. (This was witnessed by two separate guests and is COMPLETELY inappropriate!).

-He played another song that wasn’t on our list after at least three people told him to only play what was on our list (I understand that it was a request from a nine year old, but our request should have been honored anyway.)

-My husband is still disappointed because once the DJ realized he couldn’t get to all the songs, he should have brought one of us over to prioritize the rest of the songs.

-He was never able to get people onto the dance floor.

The only good part about the evening was that he played the last two songs correctly. Unfortunately it was way too late.

He was horrible and we don't want any other couple to have the same experience.

A really friendly DJ. He was able to get a really good feel of the guests and kept things moving throughout the reception. Everyone still comments about what a fun wedding it was and we attribute a lot of it to Sean. He also did a nice slideshow for us that everyone seemed to enjoy, especially us of course.

Sean and his assistant were fantastic!

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