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Dave and Lisa from 2 Become 1 Studio in Topeka are hands down the best photographers in town! I have known and worked with them for many years, so when I became engaged there wasn't a second thought about who I was going to hire. We even originally had another date planned as the date we wanted wasn't available at our venue, and a few weeks later our venue called and it had come open. I literally told them I had to check with Dave before I could accept the change! That is how important it was to have them. I'm not sure if this is proper etiquette to speak of, but this was my second wedding. At my first wedding I made the mistake of allowing my then mother in law be our photographer. Little did we know her camera had a part that had been recalled. The day went off and many pictures were taken, however when it came time to develop them all the photos were distorted beyond digital repair. The only wedding photos we had were from the cheap disposable cameras we set on the tables. I was devastated!!! regardless of the outcome of that marriage, still to this day I regret not hiring someone with every inch of my body! Because at the end of the day, the decorations, the food, the bouquets, the speeches, the dj, and the venue, will all fade into the background of your memory and all you will be left with is your pictures. And if they are lost like my first set, or you do not like them, they didn't get that perfect shot, with the perfect light. There is no redoing that day. It is gone. And hopefully you won't be doing it again like me later in life!!! But, I could not be happier with the way my pictures turned out! This was the largest part of our budget and I wouldn't think twice about spending that money again. And you shouldn't either! Learn from my mistake! You will live to regret a bad wedding photographer!! Dave is amazing with state of the art equipment, specializes in lighting to capture the perfect shot no matter the conditions! And has years of experience capturing weddings! He can give you anything from the traditional shot, to your pinterest favorites, all the way to funky town if you want! Seriously, him and his wife are absolutely amazing!

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