Jones Barn (willow creek ranch)

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Beautiful barn venue (in budget although at the very top of ours). We picked this because it fitted our style (rustic / elegance). However, the owners were a little sketchy with the financial parts. They literally crossed out the prices on our contract & upped them $1000 (for the upcoming year fee changes). Looking back, not sure why we didn't appeal or question this instead of just signing it. Very nice laid back couple though. They did make a big deal about us decorating the reception barn the night before (how are you supposed to decorate an entire barn from scratch, get ready, have 8 bridesmaids get ready, the kids and guys get ready, etc. the day of the wedding?!?). They stood around and watched us decorate the whole time and actually turned off the lights on us when it was time to go then said they normally charge like $100/hour to let us decorate!! (They lived next door, why not just unlock the barn and let us decorate for 2 hours in peace?). Also, there was a miscommunication and they kept some of our decor ... After getting back from the honeymoon & had to fight to get it back without paying for it. The gentleman who owned the barn was very cooperative but his wife was not. I let the hubs deal with that one. Whew! But our pics were lovely..

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