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Savvy Coordination dba Savvy Weddings is NOT who you want doing your wedding/event. Jenn, Owner, "Executive Planner" and her assistant Sarah, completely dropped the ball. Is not professional. Doesn't take responsibility for her lack of communication, e-mails, or phone call. She uses "technical difficulties" as her excuse. If you Google her reviews, she used the same excuse back in 2011. This is 2013. She will boast about being able to get "huge discounts" that we wouldn't be able to get on our own. This simply is not true. Vendors began to tell us of the excuses that were given to them by Jenn for not following through on bookings. The excuse? Technical difficulties yet again. Jenn did not have the bride and groom's best interest with regard to budget. She did not give them all the information so they could make legitimate decisions. The alcohol minimum set for this wedding was absurd!! $2500 for 26 people for alcohol alone. Ludicrous especially when 1/3 of the guests didn't drink alcohol! The budget quickly blew out of control by $10-$12k. Savvy Weddings does not do legwork. Would never recommend Jenn or any of her staff for any event ~ least of all a wedding! The bride actually fired Jenn because Savvy Weddings did not fulfill the terms of the contract. Brides beware!!

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