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Chef Steve Mayberry was the one who worked with us. He ended up being terrible- very rude post wedding. He had his staff approach a guest of ours for a large payment ($300!) instead of us, even when we made it clear to him we were paying for everything. I was MORTIFIED. nAnd very shocked; I had been under the understnding that we had already paid for everything, but extra costs miraculously accrued (which were unfounded). When we called to dicuss the validity of the extra charges, he did not care; tried to ignore our calls, then when we did get through he was an ass (for lack of a better word!).We couldn't fight it because the guest had paid and signed their receipt. They did not know what was going on, didn't want to ruin our day by dragging us into it, so they just paid it. Beautiful location though. I just wish they had someone else running things. I would highly recommend the location if Mr. Mayberry was no longer associated with it. If he's still there AVOID THIS HEADACHE. There are plenty of other beautiful venues- like Paseo (they were SO nice and accomodating.) Happy Wedding planning :)

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