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Working with these people was fine until the day before our wedding when the guy who was supposed to do our wedding called and said it was going to be someone else. The kid who ended up doing it obviously didn't know what he was doing, didn't know how to use the equipment and didn't even have the full song list. Because the music was really important to us we created a song list for everything, including giving them, on cd, a cut version of the song that I was to walk down the isle to. Well, that song was played, but not the cut version, so I ended up walking down to wrong part of the song (the part that was supposed to be cut out). Also, the song that the parents walked in to was the wrong song completely. Right title, wrong artist. Then he didnt even have the music for the cocktail hour so as cocktail hour is beginning this kid (who I'm pretty sure was in high school) was downloading the music from iTunes! The setup in the reception was terrible and no one could even hear/understand what was being said though the microphone and it wasn't until my dad went over and showed him how to change a setting on his mixing board that the music finally sounded right. This kid was totally unprepared for this job but from what we gathered it was thrown at him at the last minute soi wasn't totally his fault.

Oh! There was also a videographer there prior to and during the ceremony. We never got the DVD. Even after calling and them saying we'd get it in a couple weeks. It's been 6 months.

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