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We are a full service event planning and design company. From idea to celebration we help you creat...


We are a full service event planning and design company. From idea to celebration we help you create moments in time that reflect you. We plan, design and organize:

• Special Events

• Wedding Celebrations

• Parties and Milestone Celebrations

• Showers

• Private Engagements

• Corporate Events

The event itself does not have to be simple to feel effortless with the support and guidance of your own professional event team, every step of the way. When it comes to making anything special, details are important and start with original ideas. We believe that it really is, the Thought That Counts. And, so will you.


Anika of Thought That Counts Events is amazing!

Trying to plan a wedding on our own was really hard on us- we were in the process of moving from out of state, I had started a new very demanding job, and our parents were supportive but did not have the time or interest to help plan a wedding. When I met Anika I felt like an angel had walked into our lives- glowing halo and all!

Anika is the kind of person who reads people, she knew the answer to any question we were asked, she knew our preferences before we did, and she had the ability to concretely communicate my abstract desires to vendors. And its not that we all wanted the same things- she planned our wedding, with our wishes, not a cookie cutter package wedding.

Throughout the planning we had continual issues with the staff of the original venue I chose. I loved the property and against my (and Anika's) better judgment I held my tongue and planned to go forward with the wedding. Within two weeks of the wedding we had to change venues. Anika managed both the change and my stress, and immediately sprung to action planning a ceremony in my back yard! Luckily we found an amazing venue with availability (Little Gardens in Lawrenceville). Anika met with the sales director, transferred every detail of our wedding day. All my husband and I had to do was see the venue, approve the menu, and say yes!

Anika acted as a family liaison answering the many wedding week questions, created beautiful centerpieces coordinated with the florist, managed our budget and payments, kept my husband and I from eloping, and she took take of every detail- even picking up the projects I ran out of time to finish. We were always in constant contact and I never felt like she was too busy for me, or even that she had other brides distracting her. (She had several- but I felt her 100% dedication) Anika made our wedding beautiful and perfect. We would not have had the wedding we did without the love and dedication she gave. There is no way to put a dollar on the value of care and service she provides, but I know she is worth more than her rates.

Thought That Counts Events is a great value, provides dedicated loving service, creates perfect events, has creative ideas, and is a visionary communicator.

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