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Our wedding and reception were set up in a field near my family home, which is on a dirt road and about 20 minutes away from Interstate 81. Not quite in the boonies, but not the most convenient place for a wedding, either. The field was up a steep hill for which 4-wheel-drive was helpful for all of our vendors (Floyd's, main caterer, pig roaster, florist, officiant, band, guitarist for ceremony, and bathroom rental service).

We had a big rental order from Floyd's: 2 tents (one with sides), hanging lights for inside the 40x80' tent, string lights for inside the large tent, a 16x20' dance floor, tables, 200 chairs, a standing light, and a few other items.

PROS: Floyd's price-matched another company on the chairs, items were set up and taken down effectively by a team of 5-6 guys, and many of our rental items came from the same place, which was more convenient for us to not have to meet multiple rental companies. All items were in reasonably good shape (tables never look good until they have linens on them). The 3 hanging lights were plastic, but looked much fancier and provided adequate light for the tent, along with the string lights and candles on tables.

CONS: They do not set up or take down tables and chairs. There is a charge incurred if they have to take them down at pick-up. There was a HUGE lack of communication between the set-up/take-down team and our telephone contact at Floyd's (the higher up, their boss). I was very clear and honest about our location and state of the area as it was a few days after Hurricane Irene came through (many neighbors still did not have power!). The road up to our field was wet and 4wd was necessary. The guys came for delivery/set-up in box trucks and said they were not told any details about our location or that 4wd would have been necessary. When called by their employees, Floyd's said on the phone that we had to figure it all out, so I called a neighbor with a tractor, who towed the box trucks up the hill to the field. We bought the group pizzas for dinner to thank them for their time and effort.

During our reception, all items worked well and everything looked beautiful.

Pick-up of the items was worse yet, as the company was not able to give us an exact time or day that they would be coming. But I was told by Floyd's that I needed to have a team of people and tractors ready to help. So I had neighbors "on call," my parents spent a few days here to help, and my new husband left work early. The tractor could not get the trucks back up to the field, as it had been raining for a few days straight, and rental items were loaded onto a hay wagon and brought down one load at a time. In trying to help with the take-down, the team of guys said there's no way we really should be helping because of insurance purposes, that we would not be covered by their company if any accident occurred.

My contact at Floyd's tried to blame each situation on my lack of communication, however I believe they have an attitude that they can make anything work, and just make the delivery guys figure it out. That attitude can be good, but wasn't in this case. Most of the employees working on the set-up/take-down team spoke negatively about their bosses, which is a big indicator to me. I was told by my contact that their company is "so far in the hole" on my order, but I do not believe that.

All was figured out, but the relationship with my contact with Floyd's was very negatively affected, and we left it that we would not want to deal with one another again.

In looking back, perhaps if our location was easier to get to, or if the weather had been better, there may not have been any problems. But in having a non-traditional venue, it seems that we saw another side to Floyd's that I would not recommend to anyone having a similar wedding reception. It was nice to have the rental items from one place, but in comparing their attitude to vendors like Taylor Rental in Montrose, PA, or Suburban Septic in Kirkwood, NY (for portable toilets), I would not recommend Floyd's Rent All.

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