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Description you can follow here I update quite often

also Face book search name: brooch bouquets

These are some helpful hints to get you started on this Great Journey. I am here for you at all time’s to answer any questions you may have

An everlasting piece of art, created with treasured memories and family heirlooms, is what my brooch bouquets are. I am the Original Creator of the Brooch Bouquet and created my first bouquet for my own wedding. Brooch bouquets have become a hit since I had mine photographed and displayed over the worldwide web. Brides from Brazil to London and Australia have sent me their most cherished family heirlooms to create the bouquet of their dreams for their big day They are hand-made and designed with love and each one tells its’ own story. Brooch bouquets are completely eco-friendly being that they are made from re-purposing old brooches, rings, pendants, jewelry and anything else that is close to a person’s heart. Whether it’s a grandfathers’ watch, mothers’ locket, or your grandmothers’ necklace, they can be used to create an everlasting bouquet that will live on forever. Each bouquet that I create is a one of a kind piece of art and when a bride receives hers, she is in awe.. I take the time to put my brooch bouquets together piece by piece, to make sure they are a perfect fit and that the most precious pieces are showcased in all their beauty. What makes brooch bouquets so special is the emotional tie each bride has to her bouquet, consider this the bride’s life in her bouquet and she can keep it forever. Brooch bouquets bring a family together to share memories, tell stories, and create something new to last a lifetime.

Soon to be seen on 190 North Chicago area ABC air date is April 10th 2011 also you will see me on OC house wives show I am the stylist/florist in 4 episodes soon to air new season

Amanda Heer your Brooch Bouquet Artist


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