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I contacted Mill Avenue Travel to plan my honeymoon and worked with Sue Doyle. We planned an eight-night trip to Costa Rica, with two different destinations in the country, and several tours. We relied on the agency's recommendations for accommodations and had them book all of our flights, hotels, tours and transfers. Upon our arrival, we found that they had not booked or delivered our payment for one of our hotels and several of our excursions. The hotel did not have any record of us or the prepayment that was supposed to have been delivered by the tour company and we were put into a room with two double beds directly facing the street. I had to spend time on MY honeymoon making calls and sending emails to our tour companies to make new reservations and pay (again) for tours we were supposed to already be booked on. When I emailed Mill Avenue Travel regarding the challenges we were having, I was simply told to pay for whatever didn't get booked and that I'd be reimbursed when I returned. I was told that we had received an upgrade at the second hotel we were booked at, but upon arrival I was told the upgrade would cost an extra charge each day. The hotels we were booked at were not quiet or romantic and definitely not what my husband and I had requested for our honeymoon accommodations. This was a lackluster honeymoon and absolutely NOT worth the money that we paid to the travel agency for this trip. Beyond reimbursing us for paying twice for certain items, Mill Avenue Travel has not offered any type of compensation for the lack of service we received from them. I would NOT recommend Mill Avenue Travel for any type of travel, and especially not for your honeymoon. Had I known now what would happen on my honeymoon, I never would have bothered using a travel agent and I will definitely never use one again.

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