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I accompanied my Hubby to get his tuxedo. We placed an order for him and also picked out the color vest and tie for his best man (brother) who wasn’t yet state side from serving overseas. We were told to call the info in as soon as we could in order to get the vest and tie combo. We did so about 2 weeks later; it took awhile for him to find the receipt but he did and made the notation. DH called the day before the pick up to verify it would be at the store and initially, they didn’t have the order for his brother. DH didn’t know what to do but he was called back by the store a few minutes later and was told his BM's tux order was found. The day they tried it own, BM just needed his hem done and everything seemed like it went well (I wasn’t there).

Turns out, DH’s vest was way to big for him; isn’t that the point of taking measurements? He found a way to pin the vest but didn’t want to take his jacket off all night, so I wasn’t very happy about that. I chose these place because of the reviews (on yelp); the price was good but I felt they were a bit unorganized with how they keep their records and I wasn’t happy that despite taking measurements, the vest just did not fit. We had a nice day so in that sense, it all worked out, but I’d probably try another place (though not Men’s Warehouse) if we ever need to rent a tux in the future.

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