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We had our Rehearsal dinner at the Timmeron headquarters and we're glad we did. The food came right out of the kitchen and straight to our buffet table. They have a nice dining room set up right next to their kitchen so we were able to see them prepare some of the food (from a safe distance of course) which was really cool. They even have a nice patio with a water feature that we got to use as well.

The food was the best I'd ever had the privilege to taste at a wedding or rehearsal dinner. It was out of this world. A culinary feat! Chef Christopher had made a pasta course that had italian sausage made with deer meat. It was the best deer sausage I have ever tasted by far! He didn't even put pork in it like most people do with deer sausage (putting pork in deer sausage kind of ruins the appeal.)Chef has a recipe for "Agua Fresca" that really hits the spot and we couldn't have enough of it.

The staff was polite and helpful. The Sous Chef was a treat as well. They even recommended a nice guitar player to play some latin-style instrumental guitar tunes throughout the evening. It was nice to be able to enjoy some well-played pure music while we ate.

All around it was a great experience. If we had a chance to do it over again we would. Nothing different. Thanks Timmeron!!

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