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I thought Jennifer's website was extremely professional and that her examples were beautiful.

Unfortunately, what I received was anything but professional and beautiful. The envelops had incorrect or misspelled names and or addresses. The calligraphy was not straight or centered. It basically looked like I had done it myself.

When I contacted Jennifer she was unsure of which envelops were mine?!?! (even though I had just received them the previous day) It was not as if I contacted her weeks later. When I reminded her which envelops were mine she stated that it was hard for her to remember since she has about ten clients at a time (maybe this is her problem, not enough time to spend on the calligraphy). I explained my complaints and asked her what she could offer. She stated that she has never received a complaint and was unsure how to handle it. She said that she would have to talk to her husband and she would call me back (not very professional in my opinion). She did not call me back, she emailed me and said that she was sorry I was unhappy, but that she completed the work and she had nothing to offer me. Really?!?! Nothing to offer! No refund, no partial refund, no offer to redo them (even though I would not have taken her up on that), nothing.

The worst part is that I cannot use these envelops and I now have to order more envelops and pay for a rush delivery and then pay to have them addressed. So, now I have spent double.

Bottom line is, I would not use her ever. Please learn from my mistake and find someone else!!!

Jennifer Gillespie is a very talented calligrapher, and her "bold" style, as I would describe it, was perfect for our invitations. She fills up the envelope, and we loved it!

Jennifer does an amazing number of lettering styles, and fortunately, our Edwardian Script font was among them. The result for our invitations was stunning, and Jennifer worked with us under last minute, "panic" circumstances. Our calligraphers had fallen through, my daughter wanted Edwardian Script calligraphy, and we had a short time before the invitations had to be in the mail. Jennifer is an online vendor who just happened to be close to our hometown, and we were so fortunate to find her. She was a star in how she delivered for us on the invitations, and she has received business through our guests who received the invitations.

My only disappointment was her performance on the escort card lettering. We were using a partial palm tree graphic shadowed in the the background behind the written table numbers. These cards were then inserted into envelopes. The envelopes were perfect, but at least 80% of the insert cards were done upside down with the trunk pointer upward. I had sent her the proof from Ajalon printing so this should have been clear. The fact that the cards were lettered in both directions indicated that Jennifer was not paying attention. I was not upset that our original design was not going to work, and I came up with an alternative design. Jennifer refused to rectify the situation and to redo the card. She also made an error on the zip code on my daughter's invitation envelope, promised us the correction with the escort card delivery, and I've never received that envelope.

Jennifer is an amazingly talented artist, and I just think that her business has grown to the point where it has become overwhelming. There were personal issues also coming into play, but you have to work through those in business. I would still recommend Calligraphy by Jennifer with a one star reservation.

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