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The Squires Band is a 4 piece band that plays a wide variety of music from Polkas to Classic Rock and much in between! We have played hundreds of weddings, corporate functions and community events with many satisified customers. We will not break your budget! We love to entertain the crowds and play what they want to hear! Our instrumentation includes Guitar, Sax, Accordion, Drums and full vocals and light show!
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Over 30 years of making good times great around Minnesota and Western Wisconsin!

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What Past Wedding Clients Are Saying About

The Squires were a big hit at our wedding and we really couldn’t have asked for it to
be any better. Since a large part of our life together is music, we knew that a band was a
requirement at our wedding reception. While looking for bands, I contacted them through
the City-Pages band search website. My wife and I both live in Chicago and were planning
a wedding to take place in St. Paul. For this reason, we had never had the chance to
meet the band in person before the big day. All of our contact was through the Internet
including booking, contract, and song selection discussion. We were most impressed at
how accommodating they were. All of the planning with the band was extremely easy
and convenient, making one aspect of wedding planning a little less stressful.
Some family and friends expressed doubt when we told them that we had booked a band
known for playing polkas, but it didn’t take long once the dance/New Year’s Eve party
began for everyone to agree that it was a great choice. The age of our guests range
from small children to grandparents with most of our friends being in their mid-
20’s. Once the band started to play, everyone danced the whole night. I’ve been to
receptions where the DJ struggles to get people on the dance floor, but everyone loved the
Squires. Everything worked out great. They took breaks which afforded all our guests the
opportunity to sit, talk, eat, and drink. When the band started again, everyone was back on
the dance floor. The Squires played a good mix of songs from polkas, classic rock,
Motown, and our favorite Johnny Cash. The Squires offered a more personal touch,
I think, than a DJ provides; even allowing a couple of family and friends to perform with
them. All around, the Squires were a great choice and made for an entertaining party. I
would not hesitate to use the Squires again and would recommend them to anyone
looking for music for any occasion.

My husband and I met at a venue where the Squires were playing that night. We had
so much fun dancing and listening to the band, we just had to have them perform at our
wedding reception. The guys were great to work with, and in addition to singing all of our
requests; they read the crowd and played the music that kept the dance floor bustling
all night long. Our reception was held at a German restaurant, so the polka and waltzes
fit right into the theme of the night.

The Squires Band played for our wedding reception at the Courtyards of Andover.
I have never had as much fun as I did that night. The band began an amazing energy in the room
that continued even after the music ended. I have never seen my relatives have as much fun or
dance as much as they did my entire life. People were dancing from the very beginning and rarely
sat down. You had a great combination of music that involved everyone from the young
children to the grandparents. The band was extremely professional and friendly. The band set
up their equipment very efficiently and non distracting to the rest of the reception. There was not a
song played that anyone did not like. Besides being great musicians, taking requests, and playing
while the groom and family members came out with their singing debuts, you were great guys to
work with. The Squires truly love to play and are fun individuals. We are still receiving compliments
from our friends and family. One couple was so impressed they have decided to use the
Squires for their reception next spring. We would be more than pleased to recommend the
Squires for any event in the future. We could never thank you enough for making a memorable
and spectacular night. Thank you, Squires. Tim and Candyce

This was it, we had finally decided to get married and wow did we not know what we were getting
into. Every facet of our wedding was thought through; we wanted everything perfect as long as it
was in our budget. We wanted to have a wedding that was representative of us something where
everyone would feel welcome, something that was both beautiful and solemn but at the same
time lively and comical; I guess we think quite a bit of ourselves. We come from rural America;
fortunately we have also made friends in Minneapolis, Chicago and other metropolitan areas
across the country. Our friends are as young as 21 and our family as old as 92 with of course
children and the like thrown all in the mix. When it came time to pick the entertainment we
were highly selective, we contacted at least 30 bands, having phone interviews with 5 of
them and hearing 3 of them play; now picture being married to me.

After selecting The Squires we were somewhat nervous, some of our friends go to techno clubs
every week while others love Johnny Cash we had a melting pot of tastes. We should not have
worried at all; The Squires blew the doors off the place. Everyone and I mean everyone stayed
until the last song was played, I think only my 80 some year old adopted Grandmother and one
guy who celebrated a little too much left before the show was over. I cannot count how many
people who said this was the best wedding they had ever been to and while I’d like to think we had
something to do with it; it was almost entirely because of The Squires. They played everything
we asked them to and didn’t play what we asked them to avoid, they kept the crowd on the dance
floor and on their feet, they kept everyone there (we still had 130+ people there at the end of
the night which I think is unheard of) our friends that had planned to leave stayed and most
importantly they let me do my Johnny Cash impersonation. Everyone still talks about the Squires;
my aunt and uncle thanked me for having entertainment that they could enjoy too, I don’t think they
had danced since the Nixon administration. They are truly worth every dime and then some. If I
ever had an event where I could have any entertainment I would book them as soon as I could. If
you are thinking of having a band for your wedding and you’re a group that likes to have fun then
don’t bother calling 30 bands like I did, just book this one. Guys thanks again for playing at our
wedding, we loved it, people still talk about it.
Chad and Christina

Phone: 612-386-3715
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  • 5/5

    This band was great; they played a wide variety of music and inspired interaction with our guests!


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