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Enchanted Celebrations is a full service wedding and event services company. We specialize in provid...


Enchanted Celebrations is a full service wedding and event services company. We specialize in providing the highest quality DJs, Photographers, Videographers, and Wedding Officiants to events all over NJ, Philadelphia, and the NYC Metro Area at competitive prices. All of our staff works exclusively for us and only in their area of expertise.


They were wonderful throughout the entire wedding, and made sure that my guests were comfortable with them taking pictures of them. This was something that meant a lot to me because they cared what my guests felt and thought. They were very polite, and I also got the BEST pictures ever! This was wonderful since I made sure to pick them all out!

Enchanted Celebrations made sure to do the best job when it came to music. This was something that provided my guests with the best entertainment and they made sure to get them all on the floor. This was perfect for what I wanted, and I had the best time.

My photography package was just beautiful with everything that the photographer did for me. I loved every bit of my wedding, and a week later when I received my picture package, I couldn't have been more pleased. I got to relive my wedding through those photos, and they were crystal clear so I did not have to worry about a thing when the time came. I was excited, and nervous to see them. Once I did however, they were beautiful and everything I could have asked for.

The DJ that we hired as well as the photographer was great! He made sure that everything was set up when everyone arrived. He also played all of the songs that people asked him, and made sure to do the wedding song like I asked as well. I couldn't have thought a DJ could do so much, but he really did. I want to thank you for everything. I truly had a wonderful time and much more. Everyone says they had a wonderful time as well.

My wedding was perfect. Every little detail turned out just the way I wanted it too. This was something that provided me with everything and more. I couldn’t have asked for anything more than what they gave me and they gave it to me at an outstanding price. This provides you with everything you need when your wedding comes since they offer more than one service. They have the best prices for the outstanding services that they provide. You guys made my day, and I want to thank you for a job well done!

The DJ that showed up made his way through the wedding with a bang. He made sure that everyone was on the dance floor and that everyone was having the time of their life. This is what was needed since a lot of my family are shy people. This was a time where the DJ got them out of their seats and on the dance floor like I never seen them before. Thanks you guys, my family is still talking about it a week later!

Enchanted Celebrations took all the photos I could have ever asked for and more. They made sure that they captured every little moment which is one reason why I love their service so much. Their prices were fantastic, and I got to keep all the pictures that I wanted. They really did a great job at my wedding, and now I have all the pictures I need in order to get the best outcome when I show people who could not make it to the wedding.

They were wonderful with the DJ service as well. No one wanted to stop dancing, and they played all the right songs. I loved every second of working with them. Not only did I get pictures, but I also got a one of a kind DJ to make the music more pleasurable. You guys really do rock!

Their DJ services were excellent. They knew exactly what the crowd wanted, and even got my grandma out there dancing. It was a wonderful time, and I didn't want to go to my honeymoon because I was having so much fun with everyone at the wedding. I loved every second.

I knew that they would be perfect from the first interview that I did with them. I let them know what my view was for the wedding that I wanted, and they made sure to uphold my requests from day one. They took the most beautiful pictures ever. I couldn't have been more excited with the results. This was because they made sure everything was taken care of, and when the day came.. it all turned out perfect.

Enchanted Celebrations took some really great pictures that exceeded all of my expectations. Me and my family love going over the pictures and remembering the night.

I loved everything about their services. Not only did they take care of everything, but I got every picture that I wanted. I had so many pictures taken in the end that I had to choose to make the majority of them home with me. This was the best part since they didn't limit the amount. If I wanted them, I could have them. I loved working with their photographers as well. They were very professional and made sure everything was in order as it should be.

Enchanted Celebrations made sure that their DJ services were wonderfully choreographed. They took care of all the music that I wanted, and actually asked me for a play list. This was something that I really liked about them. They didn't take over since it is your wedding, they let you take over when it comes to what they have to do for your big day.

Their photographers were wonderful throughout the whole wedding. They were professional, and made sure to capture every little minute of my wedding. This was perfect when the time came to get everything together, and choose pictures. I didn't know which ones to bring home, so I chose to get all of the extra ones.

They made sure that everyone was on the floor dancing, and this was the best part since a lot of people do not like to dance, but they made sure that everything was together when the time came. I loved every bit of the services they provided me with.

I loved their service for photography. They captured every moment just right in just the right angle and light. I would love for them to take pictures at my sisters wedding that is coming up because they were absolutely perfect throughout the entire wedding. Very professional, and the prints were very high quality at an affordable price.

The music was wonderful! They kept everyone going and I highly recommend their DJ! He was working the dance floor like never before. I was so happy with the service that they provided. I am going to let everyone I know about their services because of how pleased I am with them.

They were wonderful with everything that they did. They made sure that I was taken care of with everything. Not only did they give me all the pictures I wanted, but they also allowed me to choose any others not covered in the plan to take home as well. They were professional and caring throughout the whole ordeal. I would recommend them to anyone who is getting married in the area.

Their DJ was brilliant. He made sure that everyone got to hear what they wanted, and get everything together when the time came. This is because they knew how stressful everything was, and they made sure to cover their own part of the wedding so I did not have too. Thanks so much!

Their photographer is wonderful, he kept everything together when it comes to giving us the best, high quality photos when the time comes. You will be able to get everything that you need when the time comes to choose the pictures that you want from your wedding. Their prices are wonderful as well so there is no breaking the piggy bank in order to get all the pictures that you want.

Their DJ services are wonderful as well. They kept everyone on the dance floor, and no one wanted the wedding to stop because they were having so much fun. The DJ was energetic and fun. It was a great experience all in all.

They were so professional. The DJ had a great time and conversed with all the party goers which was great since no one felt out of place. They made sure to play the songs that I asked them to play, and had every song that I wanted so they have a very large selection! They made sure that they were energetic and dressed up for the occasion so nothing was out of place. They were probably the best DJ service that I have seen so far, and I have been to at least 10 or 11 weddings in my lifetime.

Enchanted Celebrations took care of everything when the time came to get the pictures done. They made sure that everyone was in the shots, and accounted for when the time came. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to do everything that they did. The pictures turned out beautifully, and my wedding looked like a wonderland thanks to them. Everything was in place and the prices were so affordable that I purchased more pictures than I originally ordered. I would work with them over and over if I could.

Enchanted Celebrations was definitely our one stop shop for everything wedding. We got the most help when it comes to photography services. All of the pictures came out clear and concise and were the best picture quality ever. I wanted to remember my special day, and they made sure that I did when it came down to it. They captured everything that I wanted, every special moment of magic, and more. The album was beautiful, and came out exactly as I wanted it.

The DJ services were wonderful. I wanted everything to come out as it should, and no one to be bored with music that they didn’t like. Enchanted Celebrations made sure to take requests, and appeal to everyone. Even my grandparents! It was a fun time, and sometimes I wish I could get married over again. One thing is for sure when it comes to having another wedding would be that I would use Enchanted Celebrations over again and again!

Enchanted Celebrations was wonderful throughout the entire celebration. They made sure that everything was taken care of. I was recommended to them through a friend. I enjoyed using them, and the staff was extremely helpful and kind just like my friend told me which was wonderful. It was my day, and I didn't want anyone to ruin it. They took some of the best pictures! I didn't know which ones I should bring home so I bought more!

Enchanted Celebrations also covered my DJ services. Not only did they play the songs that I requested, they even took requests from everyone that showed up. This was great since it got everyone moving, and having a good time which is what I wanted from my wedding. I am very satisfied at the services I received!

Enchanted Celebrations also did our DJ services which allowed us to get all of the songs we love compiled into everything. This is something that I found helpful since I had a specific type of music I wanted, and a lot of places will throw in their own. Enchanted Celebrations made everything just simple when it came to working with them. I found that everything about them was just right, and there was no stress involved.

They were wonderful when it came to working with them. I was so satisfied with the pictures that came out, and I wanted to purchase another album to keep the extras which I did. This was beneficial and the prices are affordable so there is no need to worry about going bankrupt over your wedding photographs! I was extremely satisfied with the professionalism about them, and the way they conducted everything. I would rate them a big wonderful 11 out of 10!!!

Justin was AMAZING as a photographer. He loosened us up, even my brother & sister in law who are both not too into being photographed came out great in the pictures and really loosened up.

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