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Communication is key to any successful event and David repeatedly lacked this. Honesty was also an issue that we found out at the end..

Upon meeting David several times at the beginning, my finance and I couldn't be more thrilled. David appeared to be highly professional and very promising. As we got closer to the wedding day, we had to email/call Dave many time to get him to send us a list of songs he mentioned he would send that he thought would fit our music style. This took 4 weeks of just trying to get a response (not mentioning that when we did get this, a song list was no where to be found and the only thing David did was point to a general song list on his website; btw, he never did provide us with a customized list).

Then we had to make sure David had the music for our first dance. This communication went on for over two weeks and ended one day before the wedding. Imagine the stress...enough said.

David did show up at the wedding, did a good job because we gave him all songs he had to play. He completely messed up on the contests..who won what, how it was supposed to be explained and done..Naturally we went over this with him prior to the wedding and he was supposed to be the EMCC. so much for that..On top of this, our friends spend days thinking of fun questions for a shoe game where the bride/groom answer something about each other without knowing each other's responses. Five of these questions were read by David, leaving the other 25 completely out!!

One of the reasons we initially went with David for our DJ was that he could provide us with a song list so we could buy songs played at the wedding later. While we gave him the dance music to play, he chose most of the cocktail hour songs and now, 5 months later, over 15 emails and a dozen voicemessages, we still do not have it.

He lied about why he could not give us the song list, saying it was ready and in a email draft from day 1. Every email/phone call, he came up with excuses, which seemed highly unreasonable most of the time given that he, supposingly, had everything ready. If he said no to us at the beginning, it would have been a better way of handling the situation.

Find another DJ, there are plenty of people you can give your money to who will not give you this much stress.

David was amazizng. He played our list of does & don't and kept us on our time line! He is a 10+

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