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If you are a bride that is going on reviews only...DO NOT GO WITH EPICURE OF CHARLESTON!!! UNRELIABLE!!

Here's the story...I was working with Epicure of Charleston, mostly with the wife for them to cater for my wedding. Every phone call and email wasn't responded to for at least a week. It took about three weeks for the wife to have time to talk to me on the phone to go over what type of food I wanted for my wedding. Then it took another week after that for her to type up and email me the proposal. Granted their price wasn't bad, but they weren't the most expensive nor the cheapest I found either. Considering the price was decent, I wanted to schedule a tasting. The wife said she would be out of town for the next 3-4 weeks. That wasn't professional to ask a bride to wait that long when I clearly stated I wanted to book the caterer by the next week or so. She said she could schedule an appointment for me to meet with her husband, the chief while she was out of town. That was perfectly fine with me. So we scheduled the tasting for about two weeks from that date. My fiance and I showed up at their location, all doors were locked and the office was dark. I called the wife and asked what happened to our appointment today? She proceeded to act like she never heard of me and said we never even did a proposal. I told her that we did about 2-3 weeks prior and to check her records. She did find my information and her memory! She then apologized for not penciling me into her husband's calendar so he had no idea of the appointment. She offered for him to bring the food to our house another day. My decision...After the run around for about a month with excuse after BS excuse from her, I was done! As owners of the company, they do not communicate and their personal life is WAY to hectic for them to own and run a business professionally. If they can't be bothered to document appointments and make time to talk with their future customers, then they won't last long as a business. If you can't rely on them to call, email, show up, or even remember you, what makes you think you can rely on them to remember the wedding, show up on time, and bring the correct food? Take my advise, go with Cricket and Kyle's Catering!

We got compliments on the food all evening! Amazing presentation and they were so efficient moving it in and clearing it out. Great people, highly recommend.

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