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Miracle Catering is a complete off premise catering service who has a passion for food and is committed to be the forerunner of culinary trends and menu innovation.

Our menus are not limited just to one cuisine. We encourage you to take the time with us, to create a custom menu to make your dinner , cocktail parties, luncheons, corporate events and special family celebrations a success without compromising your taste and budget.

The company’s team of professional has worked many high profile parties from famous News Anchors,Presidential Candidates,Governors to CEO’s .The courteous staff dedicates themselves to making your event unique, enjoyable and inspiring for your guests. We are a full-service caterer comfortable with a wide variety of events – from intimate dinners to large events. So whether you’re having 2 or more for your event, let us work with you to craft the occasion to perfection.

Miracle Catering is located in Washington Township Bergen County NJ.

Phone: 201-913-4288
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Couple Reviews

4 Reviews for Miracle Catering

  • 5/5

    I was so thrilled that I selected Miracle Catering for my Wedding on July 19th 2014. Ron Spaziani is an outstanding chef and I’m pretty sure he prepares all the dishes himself. Judging by the quality of the food served, and the freshness it is apparent that Ron takes great pride in his preparation (he is very mindful of storing everything at the proper temperature and making sure everything stays fresh) and he also presents his food beautifully. Ron created a menu with us that included appetizers, main dishes and desserts that he usually makes himself (e.g., lemon bars and meltaways). What I liked about Ron is that he was willing to tell us what was worth spending our money on and what was not, and it made a lot of sense. He even helped us with ideas for signature drinks if we elected to go that route.

    I was sold on Miracle Foods at the food tasting. It was amazing how delicious the food was and cooked to perfection! The filet mignon melted in your mouth! What impressed me most was that he can prepare any type of cuisine and even better than some natives will prepare it! All the appetizers were phenomenal, such as the coconut shrimp, crab cakes, pizziola, mini sliders, honey rum skewered chicken, etc. Something for everyone! At the tasting he even made a Chinese lo mein appetizer in a take out container that was visually appealing and very delicious! His tasting display was very generous and very varied, so people can choose from a variety of cuisines. He even provided menus from other weddings so the taster could see some samples of what other Brides and Grooms selected. I believe Ron can not only make any kind of cuisine but he can make it (and will make it) exactly to your specifications (e.g. if you want less spice or a certain kind of spice). He really works with you.

    At my wedding, the guests raved about the Brisket of Beef (which they told me is rarely served at weddings which is a shame because it is outstanding). They also loved the stuffed flounder as well. We had a buffet so that our guests were able to find something that suited their palate. What I also love and respect about Ron is that he often will have his son and daughter assisting him. They are very sweet and very attentive, much like their father and very professional. I think it is nice that he includes them and it makes you feel like part of the family.

    Ron is just this really down to earth guy who can cook like there is no tomorrow! He also provides his own china and glassware, so you are not paying a premium for a middleman rental company. He also kept the costs within our budget yet we did not feel we had to compromise on anything. The bartender he brought with him was very sweet and courteous as was his whole staff. They seemed very attentive and receptive to suggestions and requests, which is so important especially when it is an occasion as special as a wedding. They arrived on time and made sure the lemonade and ice tea dispensers were filled and ready for my guests immediately following the ceremony. He also made sure we had water available for the guests nearby so that they could be comfortable during and after the ceremony, which was outdoors on July 19th, 2014. Ron even went out of his way to prepare a special Arugula salad I had requested. I received absolutely no complaints from my guests and only remarks about how good the food was and the service and I know they were genuinely pleased. I consider the food one of the most important factors (if not the most important factor) when entertaining and Miracle Foods is spot on in that department! I knew I did not have to worry about food poisoning since Ron has special food preparation and storing certifications and extensive experience as a caterer. I would recommend Miracle Foods without reservation!


  • 5/5

    Excellent service and excellent food!


  • 5/5

    Miracle Catering did a wonderful job for us. Their food is delicious, the team is very professional and the owner, Ron Spaziani goes the extra mile to make sure that everything is to your satisfaction. His food is so delicious, and his service is wonderful!

    Lisa Li


  • 5/5

    Wonderful food and great value.


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