Littman Jewelers

1365 N Dupont Hwy # 5012
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Littman Jewelers... they are OK. Haven't had any real problems with them, prior to the wedding (we got both of our wedding rings and my engagement ring from them). The biggest problem is they have left the Dover Mall site, and we have to either travel to Christiana or Salisbury to get our rings inspected every six months. My engagement ring is holding up extremely well, no problems whatsoever. His wedding ring, however, has a diamond that has gone MIA since sometime in the middle of our wedding day (our photographers photoshopped the middle diamond back into his ring in the photos). We are going to take care of that soon -- it should be covered under warranty. Littman seemed to have better prices than most of the other jewelry stores in the Dover Mall, which is why we chose them (besides that we liked their selection).

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