Union Street Public House

121 South Union Street
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The food was good and the service was good. The one thing that I would have to advise TREMENDOUSLY is to make sure you get everything on paper and ask for a *proposal* (i.e., room, pricing, time, what exactly is being served) from the banquet manager (Jennifer). Having been in the food service industry for five+ years and having been a wedding planner, I would have to say she is not the best at her job. They really need to hire someone new. For instance, we asked for a substitution of romaine/iceberg instead of the mixed greens. We thought maybe it would have some sort of julienned carrots or peppers. Nothing. We were eating rabbit food - Ms. Russel should have advised us that it's just mixed greens and no other vegetable. Another thing is that we asked to substitute mashed potatoes for fries. That didn't happen. So, we got fries and mashed potatoes on the side - it was a bit embarrasing (but nothing to really think about thereafter). Don't get me wrong, the venue is nice. Nice part of town. Wait staff was perfectly accomodating. This was a nice place to have our rehearsal dinner. Just get everything on paper!! Also, if you're getting married, don't sweat the small stuff. Eat your rabbit food and go on your way to the chapel. Thanks for reading this review!

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