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Dude Walker’s Music on Wheels Wedding DJs & Event Production Specialists

The Right Music…
The Right DJ…
The Right Fit…
The Right Price… Every Time!

North Dakota’s FIRST state registered Mobile Disc Jockey service.
North Dakotas #1 Choice in Mobile DJ Wedding Entertainment.
North Dakotas largest and most comprehensive NON-DOWNLOADED music library.
Dude Walker’s Music on Wheels Wedding DJ’s sets the standard for quality entertainment.
Our announcer/emcee’s are hand picked, trained and tested to exceed all others.
Serving all of North Dakota from Fargo to Williston, Minot to Grand Forks, Devils Lake to Dickinson,
Bismarck-Mandan to Valley City, Jamestown to Rugby and all areas in between.

Discover secrets, on our website, that most DJs don’t want you to know about
before you hire them contained in these helpful links:

3 Essential Tips in Hiring A Wedding DJ or Band

5 Key CONTRACT Tips To Protect Yourself

Key Questions To Ask Before You Hire A DJ

Key Questions To Ask Before You Hire A DJ – Part 2

Wedding Up-Lighting

Understanding DJ Skill Level vs Pricing

How Much Do You Charge…?

Wedding Rates & Prices

Music Help

The Right Music… The Right DJ… The Right Fit… The Right Price… Every Time!
With over 7,200 performances…we have Unparallelled experience to meet your needs.

There is a simple rule of thumb when selecting qualified quality entertainment…

"You can’t be the best if your cheaper than the rest."

We personalize all occasions for people who matter.

WE ARE the regions FIRST and LONGEST running
Full-Time, Fully Insured, State Registered, Tax Paying – Professional Mobile Disc Jockey Service.

Phone: 701-234-9492
Views: 1299

Couple Reviews

2 Reviews for Dude Walker’s Music On Wheels Wedding DJ’s

  • 0/5

    I would avoid this DJ at all cost. I requested four differen’t song from my own playlist given to the DJ ahead of time and they didn’t have any of them. It is the most unprofessional company I have had the unpleasant experience of hiring. They were completely unapologetic and were more interested in referring to the fine print in the contract than providing any type of customer service.

    Curt & Sue are not being completely honest in their response.

    Curt & Sue entered into contract with our company for the date of May 15th, 2010. Our contract, website and music forms all express terms that we cannot guarantee that every request can or will be provided.

    Why do we disclose our music policy on the contract? Because when a client signs our contract they have a personal resposibility to read all the terms, which include how we handle music requests.

    Why do we disclose our music policy on the music forms? Because it serves as an additional reminder that we will strive to locate music requests (within reason), however, we cannot guarantee that every song request can be located or played.

    Why is the contract so important? Because it is the “terms of agreement” that all parties involved agreed to. Curt & Sue agreed to the terms and had full knowledge that music requests were not guaranteed.

    Curt & Sue provided a list of 81 songs (14 business days prior to their wedding), however, we were only capabable of playing 61 songs during the time period for which we were hired (dance length). Of those 61 songs, 46 songs were specific requests from Curt & Sue, 7 songs were requests from guests (permission granted by Sue), 3 songs were DJ choices to create the energy and fun sought by Curt & Sue and 5 standard dollar dance songs…totaling 61 songs.

    We also reserve the right to not play inappropriate songs during an event.

    Curt & Sue’s event was particularly difficult due to some of the non-dancing music requests they presented for their “dance”.

    We chose the best and most dance-able songs from their 81 requests, however, we reserved the right to not play inappropriate songs at a wedding event: [[ one example: a song depicting a man taking a shot of cocaine and shooting his woman dead ]]

    It is unfortunate that Curt & Sue cannot appreciate what we did for them, however, no apologies are in order for fulfilling our obligations correctly. – Dude Walker

    -Curt Pekarek and Sue Uong

  • 5/5

    Easy to work with, comprehensive music selection, and the most experienced DJ in the area.


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