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Premier Designs is a high Fashion Jewelry distributor who specialize in Home Jewelry shows. We help moms be able to stay at home and earn an extra $1000 a month. We have great benefits for all hostesses.

We also specialize in fundraisers and helping non profit organizations.

A Home Show with at least $100 in retail sales qualifies the Hostess to receive 30% of the retail show total in FREE jewelry of her choice.
Hostesses can also qualify to purchase up to eight items at half-price!
For example, a Hostess with $100 in retail sales at her Home Show would earn $30 in free jewelry and qualify to purchase four items at half-price. For a $400 Home Show, she would earn $120 in free jewelry and qualify to purchase six items at half-price. Above $500, the number of half-price items tops out at eight.

Hostesses can also qualify for up to $100 in additional FREE jewelry:
$25 for having the Home Show on the originally-scheduled date

$25 for collecting $100 in advance orders

$25 for having 10 guests in attendance (18 years of age or older)

$25 for three or more Home Shows booked by her guests

Phone: 267-639-7141

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