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How do you put a price on such an epic event? They take place in a space unique to each bride and gr...


How do you put a price on such an epic event? They take place in a space unique to each bride and groom.

That space is full of one-in-a-lifetime moments, emotion, favorite friends, family, close ones who travel very far and many, many details. Months and sometimes years of planning go into this 2-6-10-12 hour day, with nothing left over except the memories, the dress and the photos/videos.

We take the time to get to know you, we listen to what is important, we are educated on your family members, we are everywhere at once but barely visible to your guests, we are photographing for you, because of you, not for us or our needs. We want to show you YOUR day, as you see it unfold before your eyes (and everyone says it goes by in a blur, we guarantee the photos won’t!).

About the Team

Creating your vision takes more than one set of eyes! Our team is compromised of photographers, digital editors and designers. While Jean Carlo is proudly involved in every step, he cannot do everything by himself! We have in-house digital editors, album designers, video camera operators, and phenomenal associate photographers!

About YOU

You want to feel your moment in the photos. You want to feel relaxed and comfortable when being photographed. You want to see the emotion on your family’s faces. You want to feel what your space looks like. You want to feel your wedding day.

About our Methodology

We do not just shoot film.

We do not just shoot digital.

We learned old-school lighting and photography while shooting film.

We became more creative and innovative while discovering digital.

We strive to deliver modern, edgy, artistic, romantic images and high-quality products.

We use the right tool, at the right time, to create our vision and exceed our client’s expectations.

Our Style

Spontaneous, photojournalistic, artsy and FUN!

Trial Run

We include an engagement session with most packages. It’s the only time before your wedding day that you get a chance of a trial run….a way to get to know us, a way to get comfortable on your wedding day (the day you can’t re-create).

Day of Event

On that special day there is one story…..YOUR story. We work together as a team to capture each and every moment and detail of your day. We want you to enjoy your party so your portrait session goes VERY quickly by working in tandem. We separate for your ceremony, capturing anticipation, nervousness, joy, and celebration from each angle. We typically cover a wedding in 8-10 hours, from getting ready to the party celebration but this varies by the event.

Your Moments

They are ready in no more than 2 weeks! All of the images are online for you to share with your friends and family.

Your Products

We assume you’re not a professional album designer and you’re already overwhelmed with the myriad images of your wedding day. Just advice us the pictures you have selected and we create an album for you – with your input through an on-line editing option.* Wedding DVDs are professionally edited and protected in a custom designed DVD cover.

*Applicable for wedding album orders only.


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