Master Sangs Martial Arts Academy

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Strength is in unity At Master Sang's Tae Kwon Do Centers, Master Sang has created and implemen...


Strength is in unity

At Master Sang's Tae Kwon Do Centers, Master Sang has created and implemented Sang's Black Belt Success System, a uniquely structured curriculum focusing on the core elements of martial arts: respect, discipline, perseverance and self-control in children and adults. Master Sang has been teaching martial arts for 19 years and owns five locations throughout the Miami-Ft.Lauderdale area. Sang's Tae Kwon Do and TNT Martials Arts Center began serving the community in 1990. From the beginning, we have focused on developing the total person with our training.

We aim to better develop and condition the mind, the body and the spirit. TNT Martial Arts is well known for enhancing a person's concentration and their ability to focus. Sang's Tae Kwon Do and TNT Martial Arts Center goes even further with the development of a person's attitudinal qualities and creating greater belief in their true potential.

Our black belt success system is a unique blend of martial arts and physical fitness training. It is a highly effective form of self protection and a great way to keep fit, reduce stress and increase your energy. You will see definite gains in your flexibility, strength and endurance. All this, while learning valuable skills that will increase your confidence and capability in a threatening situation.

The invisible aspect of a true martial artist is their indomitable spirit. This is the courage, the confidence and the non-quitting spirit a student develops in the journey to Black Belt Excellence.

At Master Sang's Tae Kwon Do and TNT Martial Arts Centers you'll learn practical self-defense skills in a positive and enjoyable learning environment. Get in shape through the Martial Arts lifestyle that is taught.

Master Sang's offers a variety of Martial Art traditions, such as Yoga, Hapkido, Muay Thai Boxing, TKD kickboxing and a few others. Whether you are looking for a method of self-defense of you just want to get in shape, Master Sang's Tae Kwon Do and TNT Martial Arts Centers is the place for you.

The principles that we teach are based on respect of self and others, personal growth and self-improvement, along with the development of each student's overall confidence and self-discipline.

Master Sang In Rush Hour 3

Master Sang was featured on Rush Hour 3 as one of Kenji's (Hiroyuki Sanada) main henchman.This scene takes place at the famous Jules Vernes restaurant, atop the Eiffel Tower.

Master Sang's Thoughts

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