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L&L did a great job and met all of our expectations. The quality of the rentals were all very good, and dealing with them is extremely easy. They are the best rental company in the area from what we can tell.

Super 5 stars Gave us more than 1 day.

L&L had a great selection and were reasonably priced. We constantly added and removed items from our order and they never complained. Be forewarned that they will inspected every little piece of the rental items and will charge you for what doesn't come back perfect. I ended up buying 2 special order linens but i was OK with that since i can use them for future parties :)

Libby at L&L was very pleasant to work with. We rented the items for the beach from them. When the rental items arrived, the people that delivered the items didn’t seem to know what was going on, so that is one issue I had with them. They charged a set up fee per bench, so I opted for us to set the benches up ourselves, but when the delivery guys arrived, they acted like they were supposed to set them up, and tried charging us the set up fee. DH and his friends were setting up the ceremony, so they were all confused about it and ended up calling me to double check, but I felt like they should have had instructions on what to do. We had originally planned on getting our reception items also from L&L but chose not to in the end, as they charged a high fee for pick up after normal business hours, I felt like this should have been disclosed to us in the beginning, as the normal business hours to them are 8-5, and most weddings do not end before 5pm.

Did a good job--they arrived on time to drop stuff off and pick stuff up, and everything was in good condition. Did not charge an exorbitant amount for delivery to Winnabow.

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