Paiellis Bakery

6020 39th Ave
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The cake we received was good although it started to melt in the warm weather. We were advised to order way too much cake and I'm not sure we got what we ordered.

This vendor is primarily a pastry bakery, but they make very delicious cakes also. They were able to duplicate cake in a picture we provided them. We asked them to put our monogram on in icing, and I was disappointed that it looked sloppy, almost like a child had done it. So the overall look of the cake wasn't spectacular, but the price was good, the taste was phenomenal, and the cake was delivered to our venue on time.

We actually got Italian cookies (Genetti) here and made it into a pyramid on a tray for our "cake". We put it together since it was miles away, but this bakery made the Genetti. It was delicious...close to my grandmother's cooking. It stayed fresh for a long time after the wedding too. Guests loved it. And of course we did too.

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