Petals from Heaven by Vicki Nance

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I dont know who that other reviewer is talking about because this certainly was not the person I worked with. I started planning my wedding almost a year in advance and the florist was one of the first things I secured. I was working with a wedding planner who said I should use Vicki because she did the flowers for her wedding.

On the first visit I showed her several pictures of what I had in mind for my wedding. I did not want the typical floral center pieces. I wanted to have trees with the leaves removed, with orchids and crystals wired in. The base of the trees were to have hydrangea and other flowers around the fabric color boxes.

She agreed that this would be no problem.

I also hired Vicki to do all of my bouquets and provide the table cloths for my reception because my venue didnt have floor-length table cloths.

Over the next few months Vicki rarely returned my emails although she said this was the best way to keep in touch with her. My mother and I kept asking her if she knew what type of trees she was going to use for the centerpieces because we wanted to plant them after the reception. She kept telling us that she was not sure but assured us that they would be like the picture.

I should have known that things would not be good when I drove 30 mins to meet her at her house, to pick up the bouquet she was supposed to be making me for my bridal portrait session, and she had forgotten that she was supposed to make it. When I finally got it, it was filled with bruised flowers that we had to hide in the pictures.

Fast forward to the day before my wedding.

We met Vickie at the reception hall the day before the wedding so that she could put the table cloths on and get things set up for the next day. I am glad I went to look! ALL of the table cloths and chair ties were COVERED in stains. She told me that she hadnt had the table cloths out to look at them until that day so she didnt know they had stains and she would be back later with a bleach pen to get the stains out. Let me tell you, there were not enough bleach pens in the state of Tennessee to get all the stains out of those table cloths. Luckily I was able to borrow some table cloths from another site at the last min.

Also I had asked to have chair ties on all of the chairs. I gave Vicki a count well before the deadline she had given me. She only put chair ties on every other chair because she said "I didnt have enough for all of them so I just put them on every other".

At this point i didnt expect anything to be right the next day, I just made up my mind that I would not let it ruin my day.

The girls bouquets were not like the picture I had shown her and had some sort of strange balls in them. When we asked her about that she said "well this is what my wholesaler gave me"

My bouquet thank God was the only thing she got right.

The trees I asked for....haha

well they were bushes. The leaves were still attached, and the limbs were not sturdy enough to hold any of the crystals that I had given her to hang on them. If I could upload pictures here and show you I would...its pretty laughable how far off she was.

So to sum it up. Vicki makes promises she cant keep. When she makes a mistake she does not apologize but instead gives you an excuse. I say if you have to spend more to get someone it! She was the biggest waste of money.

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