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"Wedding Photography" is our passion and it shows in our work, our reviews, and in the friendships...


"Wedding Photography" is our passion and it shows in our work, our reviews, and in the friendships we've made along the way! We take great pride in doing our best and always striving to do better and better and never settle in our service, our ethics, and our products.

It takes hard work, long hours, training, and God-given talent to make and keep our clientèle happy... And we're honored to be their choice! There isn't any other way to get extraordinary results without applying those factors in the work we do.

We're a husband and wife destination photography team that offers our services to weddings both near and far, local and all over the world... and we're always trilled to be a part of your special day... wherever it may be!

It's our goal to capture your day in a realistic and authentic way while still blending the beauty and visual grace that only photography can uniquely convey. "Every picture is a story!"

For almost 12 years now, we've have been photographing weddings all over the world; working all over North America, Mexico, Australia, Asia, and Europe.

Visit our website for prices, samples, tons of information, and check our schedule of events... or feel free to call anytime!


Stephen & Sonia: Thank you so much for everything. (Sorry for our late review, but, as the two of you know, the first few months of marriage can be a little hectic...) We cannot thank you enough for having made our day memorable and beautiful! Out photos were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, and all who have seen them agree that the two of... you are incredibly talented. Your attention to detail was impeccable and your creativity refreshing! You stand out among the rest, in that you were more like friends than photographers. You make a wonderful team, and you can be sure that Justin and I will refer you to all in need of photographers. Thanks so much, Stephen and Sonia!

PS: For those of you in need of photographers to capture an upcoming special event, LOOK NO FURTHER! Stephen and Sonia are the BEST CHOICE and we were extremely blessed to find them.

We are so thrilled with Steven and Sonia that our little paragraph almost seems silly. The photos are breathtaking and gorgeous! The video of our story that they presented at the reception was a highlight for us and our guests! I would expect that About The Day got a few bookings just from that presentation alone. About The Day... Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Unbelievable! Our most sincere thanks to Stephen & Sonia for making our wedding day a breeze and helping us preserve our memories in such a elegant and beautiful way. I remember things - slightly - and it flew by so quickly, but the photos make me feel like a princess every time I look at them again. My sister used "About the Day" and after seeing their work, I never had any doubt. Thank you so, SO much.

Wondrous! Magical! Unbelievable! All words that simply don't do our photographers justice! We're not overly excitable people, so we don't give out praise where it isn't due... and we expected a lot from the people we hired too... But Stephen & Sonia blew our minds... Seriously! To see ourselves through their eyes was a total eye opener because everything - including us - looked so fantastic. They posted teaser pics from our wedding on Facebook and our friends and family went crazy with comments on the beautiful pics! Stephen & Sonia, you guys are too awesome!

We searched all over for a husband and wife team that were professional, easy going, and had a style we both loved! We found that with "About The Day". With Ruben being an "American Idol", there was a lot of pro's offering their services for free and we still went with Stephen and Sonia... And they were worth every penny! Thanks "About The Day" and God Bless!

Pure Awesomeness! I can't find words to express how pleased I was with Stephen & Sonia's photos! Everything looks so spectacular in their photos - including myself - that I sometimes wonder if there isn't some sort of magic they use when they snap a photo? I don't believe I could possibly be happier with our pictures then I am now.

OMG! We were blown away with the photos that Stephen took of us on the beach! We are pretty easy going and informal too, but my mom insisted we hire a professional photographer anyway! I am so, SO glad I listened to her!!! Stephen made us look like movie stars and was a sweetie too... Everyone raved about him... Seriously! He even took pictures of our guests and they were stunned too! About the Day was a TOTAL hit and totally worth every cent!

Our saving grace! We were thrilled with our photographers and their way of working! They were professional and got so many awesome photos without it seeming like they were even there, and yet they were laid back and really fun too! It was actually my mom who hired them because she was so impressed, but I was uncertain about hiring from out of town... until I saw their work and talked with Stephen & Sonia a bit... Then I was sold too! Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

I don't think I could be any HAPPIER then I was with "About The Day". Stephen and Sonia we're so awesome to work with and made us look SO good... Everyone was absolutely blown away by their work and their personalities too! Their "Love Story" video was a HUGE hit at the reception. A tremendously awesome team that you'd be crazy not to hire!

The best money we spent, and that's saying a lot! We were excited about Stephen and Sonia from the moment we found them online. Their work was phenomenal, but that alone wouldn't have sealed the deal. They were simply a wonder to work with. I loved their personalities and I was even comfortable enough with them to get a special boudoir session for Micheal. (Which was totally hot and he loved!)

There's so much to RAVE about! I loved everything Stephen & Sonia did! They took time to understand what we wanted ahead of time, and were fast and professional, yet they still made things fun and made the photo part of the day a real joy. My guests loved them too! We are still marveling about our good fortune in finding "About The Day"!

How could we ever thank you enough! Everything you did was magical and we can't stop adoring the photos you took! Everyone loved you guys and there's no question that we hired the best Photographers in the world!

Where to start!? We loved working with "About The Day"! Stephen & Sonia were so absolutely easy to work with and still so professional that it was hard for us to not consider them a part of our wedding party and take them home with us! They kept the photos fun and still magnificently gorgeous! A real hit with our guests too.

The best money I think I've ever spent! Stephen & Sonia took the most beautiful pictures ever, but they also became quick and easy friends with everyone too! We even took them along with us and our family on a cruise after the wedding! Everyone pitched in because we wanted to keep them around! We loved them!

Everything was SO perfect that we were speechless. Thank you so much for traveling all the way to Belgium for us! We feel so blessed to have found you.

Stephen & Sonia were awesome and artistic! Everyone loved them and my sister is using them for her wedding! You'd have be be crazy not to check them out yourselves!

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