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I would put 0 stars if I could. Buttons falling off, tears in jackets, and 3 fittings for the groom before and on wedding day just to get it right (or close enough). The price wasnt that great either $170 per tux. Avoid this place at all cost.

Terrible. The measurements were off on the groom's shirt and both of the father's jackets were the wrong size somehow. The groom and the fathers were all measured at different stores so, it wasn't an issue of 1 person that didn't measure properly. Also, the shirts were dingy, dirty looking and the employee at our store that received my complaints was very rude to me. If you can possibly rent your tuxes somewhere else -- please do. Spare yourself this problem.

David's Bridal works with Men's Wearhouse for the groom and groomsmen's tuxedos. I loved that because they have the exact same colors as David’s does. To accent the Clover color, we chose Honeydew color and it was very nice. We met with a Wardrobe Consultant to help us find exactly what we wanted Chad to wear and his groomsmen. They have very nice and high-quality rental tuxedos. Because we had 6 or more groomsmen renting, Chad got his tux rental for free. The only issue we had was Chad’s jacket was way too big for him. The tailor didn’t do a good fit for him. This was a huge disappointment for us on our wedding day especially for Chad. Also 2 of our groomsmen’s jackets didn’t fit either but they were able to exchange and luckily they fit each other’s jackets! The rest of the tuxes fit great. Everyone sure did look very handsome and the colors looked beautiful together!! .

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