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My wedding planner, Christina Hill of cHill Weddings, referred me to Citywrites, as one of her colleagues highly recommended Kari Jo. Her work is beautiful. The style is modern and fresh while still giving the document the sense of formality that traditional calligraphy imparts. However, I had a few problems with Citywrites. When I received the inner invitations, there were about 30 of them that were completely off-center (not like, right-aligned, but both vertically and horizontally off-center). It was so bad that Christina wrote her an email and she offered to fix them, but she only kept about 5 extra envelopes. At that point, I needed to get the invitations out the door and there just was no time for us to do a back-and-forth through the mail. This was a mistake that a professional calligrapher should never have made. Further, I had sent Citywrites the place cards and escort cards more than 4 weeks before I needed them back. When I reminded Kari Jo in late August that I needed them back in a week, she made it clear that she hadn't worked on them at all, making me really worried that I wouldn't have them in time. When I did receive them (on time, but later than I would have liked), there were a few escort cards that were on the list but that were missing, and others that were spelled wrong. I had sent Citywrites about 40 extra cards (she requires an overage of 10%, which would have been 10 cards), but she didn't keep any of them. Again, this was about 2 weeks before the wedding, so there wasn't time for us to go through the mail (and by that point, FedEx was like, $50!). Cory ended up having to make the cards from pieces of her handwriting in Photoshop and we printed them out on our inkjet (they didn't look the same as the others obviously, but there was nothing else we could do). While the calligraphy is beautiful, the process of dealing with Citywrites was SO stressful.

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